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March 15, 2010

Cameron Highlands

I always had the impression that Cameron Highlands is the ‘tame’ version of Genting Highlands. You know, instead of theme parks and casinos, Cameron has farms and fresher air. A laid back place to relax and shit. That was what I experienced when I visited that place 11 years ago. Time was slow there, and things were simple.

But not anymore. Went there again last weekend, and discovered that the place has turned into a shithole. Cameron Highlands, like Genting Highlands, sucks donkey cock. Actually, it sucks even more than Genting Highlands.

Let me tell you why. I’m going to make this in point form.

1) Bad traffic. It has only 1 main (small 2 way traffic) road connecting between all the towns and commercial spots, and there are like, hundreds of thousands of vehicles there. As a result, you get a simulation of what happens when a woman flushes down her big piece of sanitary napkin down the toilet bowl – an overflow of shit all over. Laid back and relaxing? Not really. Traffic jam, lack of parking space, frustration and cusses? Yes. That’s not my idea of relaxation.

2) Lack of fun. In the scale of 1 – 5, with 5 being the best? I’d rate the fun factor as 0.5. There’s basically nothing there. Only stuff commonly found in any pasar malam or wet market, nothing unique. And another thing that I noticed was, the people there seem to be very gung-ho about their strawberries. You’d see strawberry themed merchandise every-fucking-where. Giant styrofoam figures, pillows, lamp covers, etc. It was as if they invented and introduced strawberry to the world. “I see strawberry also, I tulan” – quote from me.

3) Run down. The roads there suck. Full of potholes, pebbles and garbage. We went to the pasar malam in the evening, it was full of garbage as well. The public toilets, like Genting Highlands, are a true reflection of our Malaysian hygiene. Filthy as hell. But they’re much worse than Genting because you have to actually fucking pay to go into their shitty toilet! The parking’s free though, if that’s any consolation to anyone… and not many of them around.

There you go. Some people say, Cameron Highlands is a great place to host gatherings with friends or relatives. I don’t know about that but, if it is the company of people that makes one enjoy an event, then why can’t that person do it somewhere nearer, cheaper or more convenient? It doesn’t fucking make any sense. Maybe I’m just hard to please and being pain in the ass, I don’t know. But it was really dumb of me – that’s for sure – to expect things to be exactly like how it was 11 years ago.

To make it short, it’s a boring place. The only thing nice is probably the tea plantation scenery there. But if you were to ask me, I’d say it’s not worth the trouble to go all the way up there.

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January 18, 2010

Genting Highlands

All my life, I’ve never been to Genting Highlands for more than 10 times. I have to admit, I am never fond of that place for many reasons. I’ve only been to the casino to gamble 2 – 3 times, and have never really roamed the other areas, especially the theme parks, until last Friday – when I decided to bring my 3.5 year old daughter (with my wife) to the theme park(s) there.

So, did she have a blast? Somewhat. But not for my wife and I. We (I) think the whole place sucks donkey cock. First of all, I find that everything there is too expensive (including the rides). Not that it’s new or anything so, I’m ok with that. Secondly, as one of the major national tourist attractions, I think the place is not up to the supposed standard. Many of the areas are dimly lit and poorly maintained. Garbage littered everywhere, walls overgrown thick with moss and fungus (also, check out the water in the flume ride, it’s brown in color ughhh). Makes me feel like I’m visiting Pudu bus station. And then the toilets. Man, are they a true reflection of our Malaysian public toilets. Cracked tiles, cracked mirrors, overpowering stench of ammonia, flotilla of unidentified brown objects in the bowl, what more can I describe. It’s a turn off.

But what’s most disappointing of all, is the seemingly long face of its employees manning the rides in the theme parks. I mean, I do not really expect them to be enthusiastic with their menial job or anything, but I believe ‘being friendly’ pretty much comes as part of the job. Just force a fake smile, I don’t care. Just don’t fucking make it look like we owe them money or something. But alas, none of them smiles. It is as if, Genting has a tacit no-smile policy in effect. If any of them is caught smiling, the perpetrator will be forced to clean the filthy toilets (that’s why they’re not smiling, and the toilets are so damn fucking dirty).

Well, except for one weird Indian guy who manned that 4D motion something something ride. He was the only guy who smiled at us. He would have won the ‘employee of the month’ (if not year) award, if not for his eccentric behavior – when being asked a question, the guy would beam a megawatt smile and give an incoherent one worded reply, and enjoy the shit out of himself seeing others getting frustrated. I fell victim to his shenanigan and so did a few foreigners. The guy’s obviously not right in the head, that’s probably why he smiled at us. Or maybe he just wanted the sense of control he has over others, which he probably doesn’t get a lot from the much more intelligent society… I don’t know.

All in all, Genting’s definitely a sad place to be. Overpriced, over-crowded, bad services, and poorly maintained facilities. It’s nothing more than a souped up gambling den for people with money to spare. If you ask me, I’d say it is a waste of time and money to go there for a holiday. If you insist, allow me to suggest Pudu bus station. Or Penang’s KOMTAR. You’d get the same experience, at a much cheaper price.

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August 16, 2005

teambuilding at genting

Attended a teambuilding event at Genting during the weekend. But it wasn’t really a teambuilding. It was actually a plan made by one of my colleagues to pave way for our team to have fun up there. The so called “teambuilding” event was just a game of bowling, which wasn’t really that nice (the alley was quite hot and stuffy). And the rest of the time, were for our own leisure.

But for the 5 of us (Wilson, Ken, Ted, AssTee and myself), the whole thing looked like a golden opportunity for us to romp. We hence made ourselves some plans to heighten the fun – to take a day off earlier (Friday) to Genting for a bit of an advanced national day celebration drinking event … then to continue through the weekend, head to down to KL, crash for 2 more days and only to head back to home on Tuesday (which is today).

So we stocked up our booze and got ourselves ready on Friday for the highly anticipated weekend. But little did we know… that the whole trip was an ill fated one… Here’s a summarized version of the fuck ups that we encountered (summarized because I’m damn tired right now)

– We’re supposed to leave on Friday noon, but at the very last minute before our journey, AssTee got himself caught by his retarded boss and was lectured for 2 hours. Something of little significance. He was asked for an assessment report to be submitted on that day itself. We told AssTee to ignore his boss and got the journey started.

– We got our booze and mixers ready for all the drinking event. But when we were at Genting, we realized that there wasn’t even a single convenient store that sells ice cubes/tubes. Because of that, we were forced to do a little bit of sweet talking to that lecherous looking Burger King cashier for a puny bag of ice cubes (which only lasted us for about 20 minutes). We took our drinks cold. Not chilled. (this is a big mistake)

- Alright, we soon managed to deal with it… we did it without ice cubes/tubes. It was before long, we started to experiment our drinks in different combination and had a lot of fun with it. But Ted got especially happy that night and drank faster than what a Formula 1 V10 engine could consume fuel in an hour, in less than a minute. Halfway through our high spirited event, Ted suddenly got up and walked like a possessed corpse towards the toilet and did a Linda Blair there. Green pukes all over the place (that was because we had BOLS Peppermint liquor in our diet). Each of us had to play a role in cleaning Linda’s Ted’s puke and wash him up for his big crash. Cleaning pukes was not part of the plan…

– There were supposedly 2 king sized bed for all of us to share. But because Ted got real messed up on one of the bed and there was none of us willing to sleep with Miss Linda Blair, the 4 of us decided to split the remaining bed – the top mattress for the drivers (because they’ve been driving) and the hard wooden base for me and Ken. For the whole night, Ken and I had to endure the cold (blankets prioritized for the drivers as well) and the kookiness of the wedged wooden surface. Short of a few rodents and roaches, it was almost like sleeping in a prison cell. It was no fun at all.

So there you have it. Genting. Fuck.

PS: Guess what I saw at the First World Hotel lobby? Some chick from China clipping her toenails at the lobby (on the floor) ! (sorry for the poor picture quality. I was using my zoom and was standing quite a distance from ground zero. Had to take the pic from far lest she would scratch me with her super sharp claws for taking her candid picture.)

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