August 27, 2012

Experience of owning a Chevrolet Optra in Malaysia

I first blogged about my current car – Lorraine – back in April, 2004. It has been 8 years I’ve driven this car. It’s a Chevrolet Optra 1.6, a 2003 make (but bought new in 2004). I’ve been through thick and thin with her, and a recent spate of bad experiences concerning its spare parts, has made me decide to change my ride to a newer one. But before that, I would like to write about the experience – of owning a Chevrolet in Malaysia. I’m sure not many of you are interested, but I’m gonna write it anyway.

But before I dwell into the details, I would like to touch a little bit on some general info about this model. In case you do not know, this model is actually a Daewoo Lacetti (Google it). It’s not really an American car but a Korean make. It’s just a fucking rebadge to become a Chevy, like that Naza Ria or some shit like that. Back in those days, this car is considered one of the best looking Korean make around and was sold at an affordable price. Wanting to be different and attracted to its minimalist design, I took a leap of faith and bought this thing. BIG. FUCKING. MISTAKE. This is one of the many things I regret, along with the bad taste in fashion and opting to live-in with my late mother. Now, on to the details…

Optra is a great car. It is reasonably good in power for a 1.6 and the handling’s good – I know nuts about body roll / oversteer / that kind of shit but, let’s just say I have had no problem maneuvering around dead carcasses, pot holes, and there was even once I did a fish tail maneuver (out of reflex) to avert an accident. Its ABS saved my life a few times. The bumper’s tough (hit from the rear 3 times, with only a small bump). No major showstopper to date. But there were a lot of minor bad experiences though:
– Wear / tear : The radiator hose had a leak once, and another one time had a leak on the reservoir. Small fixes.
– Wear / tear : Thermostat unit connecting to one of the coolant hose got brittle and registered a minor leak. Changed it to a cast iron type (had to be imported from Thailand).
– Wear / tear : Broken door handle once at the inner part, and another at the outer part (some plastic parts aren’t that good in durability).
– Wear / tear : Locking mechanism went lose a couple of times on both rear doors. Had to get them changed. Some inconveniences registered.
– Wear / tear : Wheel bearing got fucked once and made the car sound like Aedes mosquito fogging machine. Changed it for an arm and a leg. (expensive)
– Fuckloads of times with blown headlights (there is a recall recently about this – read Suzuki Forenza).
– Fuckloads of times with blown taillights. (that was due to the poor design on the socket, which causes intermittent connection and shortened the bulb life. Fixed it myself and got rid of the problem.).
– Leaking antirust gunk below all the doors. No solutions from anyone. Been living with this for 8 years. Fuck me.
– I didn’t like the weird/annoying noise when locking/unlocking this car. Been living with this for 8 years. Fuck me.
– Car has exceptionally high fuel consumption. It may be a 1.6, but it guzzles up fuel like a bitch. 9km per liter of petrol. That’s how bad it is. (gets worse if the traffic’s fucked up).
– Fuckloads of times I had to get the air conditioner fixed. If there’s one fucking problem I have to name about this car, it has to be the goddamn aircon. I’ve changed literally everything there is on this car that has something to do with the fucking aircon. From the hose to the compressor, to the goddamn control unit (which was burnt, almost a safety concern).

Now, this is fucked up. Chevrolet is the epitome of bad services. It’s worse than Proton, I believe. First of all, the Chevrolet brand has changed no less than 5 managements throughout the 8 years of this ownership. (Ridiculous, right??) When I first bought the car, it was under Chye Seng Motor (or something like that) and the only Service Center was located in Bagan fucking Ajam (that was like, going to Sepang from KL city). And the service was fucking abysmal. Parts took months to deliver (as I learned when I ordered some parts that were damaged during the tinting service) and the attitudes of the personnels there were worse than prison wardens. Chye Seng Motor then added another SC in the island near Sg Tiram and shit literally got improved, but not for long. The chief mechanic there left a few months afterwards, and the service turned a few notches down below average. Then there was another management change, SC was then relocated to Autocity. It was alright there, until they shut it down again, and reopened again a few months later under DRB Hicom. Then, it changed again to Cergazam (which was the longest and best period ever – Cergazam was good). And then it changed again recently park under the big shit ass corporation – Naza. It was hell under Naza. Again, shit went back to square one, for Naza was as bad as Chye Seng. Not wanting to go through the same experience again, I opted to change this car once and for all. (and the resale value was unbelievably low)

In a nutshell, owning this car has been a torture. Not because of the car itself, but because of the experience of having to deal with the shitbags that do not know how to run an automobile servicing management. Having to deal with multiple changes in its management hadn’t been impressive at all as well. So, if you have the heart to own a Chevrolet – read this review in depth and get a glimpse of what might happen to you in the future. Me? I’ve had enough, I’m switching back to Japanese.

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August 12, 2012

Fucking bitch in the cinema makes me homicidal

Just wanted to release this.

There was this lady (of about 40 years of age, with a toddler) sitting on the opposite aisle of where I was inside the cinema, who seemed to have her eyes directly connected to her mouth (bypassing the brain). Every scene that she saw, she would exclaim an exaggerated “Oooh!” or an “Ahhh!”, as if she’s trying very hard to tell everyone that she’s going through some terrific time right there. If she’s not doing that, then she would resort to the commentary mode, to describe whatever fuck that was happening in the plot like – “Oh he’s running!”, “Why did he do that?”, “That is so funny!”. It was so damn fucking annoying. I can’t believe people like her could even find a mate and have a family. I mean, how could anyone tolerate a walking disaster like that? The guy who hooked with her must be so goddamn desperate for a mate that he’d settle for a lowlife cheebye like her.

I was so tempted to walk over to her to give her the hardest kick in the crotch, but I relented because it’s a crime in this part of the world. But I bet she’s going to yell “Oh he kicked my crotch and I’m in pain!” if I did that, and it’s going to be even more so annoying that might make want to just kill her by choking her with my pair of flip-flops.

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August 8, 2012


Company T, a big, fast paced MNC. In an effort to make itself stay relevant in the ever revolving world, Company T has hired shitloads of young and aspiring engineers to be its mainframe of the whole strategy. That’s why there are a lot of these (proportionally huge) so called ‘Gen Z’ young engineers around in Company T.

I have worked with some of them young people before (the previous ‘Gen Y), in my previous companies. I have written a lot about them. Not impressed. Usually dimwitted, not very bright, and some, worthless. I initially thought it was just my poor luck, you know, for meeting some lemon farts whose competencies are way out of the normal distribution curve. I thought the ‘Gen Z’ in Company T will somewhat be different, as the reputation goes with it that they only hire the smartest of the lot…

But sadly, I found out today, that this has become an epidemic. It has spread cross generation. ‘Gen Z’ is fucked. In an open feedback session to the management today, I heard some of the most disturbing shit some of these ‘Gen Z’ had to ask – and that really set the alarm off in me, which prompted me to think – “WHAT THE FUCK’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THIS WORLD WITH THESE FUCKING SHIT IN LINE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD??”. I was sitting in the room, totally dumbfucked, wondering if I had been drugged or something.

Let me quote an example.

One of the young turds, whose acnes are still active on his face, voiced out his dissatisfaction in a concerned tone (note: composite character) – why do experienced new hire engineers have a higher salary than them rookie engineers? (then another guy concurred, and jokingly said that even if an experienced engineer gets a bad review, their salary would still be higher). Can you believe that? This is as ridiculous as a 6 year old questioning his own father for having enough money to buy a car.

As an experienced new hire myself, I was of course, pissed off when I heard these bunch of milksods who have been to nowhere but the Company T bubble, who conceitedly think that they’re so smart, that they have the rights to question the order of logic. I was so tempted to retort the bunch of shitfucks, that experienced engineers earn more than him because – DUH – they have been in the business for more years, and they know more shits than his noob ass! (ergo, higher rank, higher pay). I can’t fathom why can’t a person who is expected to be smart enough to carry out an engineering job not being able to figure this out. Fucking dumbass ought to be made into a practice cadaver for medical science to redeem his worth back.

And that is just one of them. One even voiced a concern of having his direct manager reviewing his performance. I guess that idiot wanted all his cronies and relatives to take part as well. Anyway, I do not want to divulge further. It just fucking breaks my heart. Let’s just hope that the next ‘gen’ (whatever it will be called) will be better, and the world isn’t wrecked too bad for them to fix it up. (but from the way I look at it, tough luck)

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July 28, 2012

fucked up bullshit

Malaysian politicians are full of shit part XXXXXXXXXVI. You’ve heard them bullshitting so many fucking times, that you’d think seeing a roach is an anomaly. Check this article in the news today.

Customs D-G: Slashing excise duty on cars will hurt nation’s progress
KUANTAN: Slashing the excise duty on cars will have an adverse impact on the nation’s development, said Customs director-general Datuk Khazali Ahmad.

He said the Customs Department’s biggest revenue actually came from excise duty for local and imported cars.

“This money is used for the country’s various sectors such as education, health and social development,” he told reporters after attending the Pahang Royal Malaysian Customs Department breaking of fast event with the Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah on Thursday evening.

Khazali was commenting on Pakatan Rakyat’s pledge to revamp the National Automotive Policy (NAP), including slashing the excise duty and reducing the triple-tax burden.

PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, communications direc- tor Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad and deputy information chief Sim Tze Tzin had said Malaysian car prices were exorbitant due to the steep excise, import duties and taxes.

“About RM6bil to RM7bil are collected annually just from vehicle’s excise duty. Imagine how many schools and hospitals we can build with that amount of money.

“That is their political opinion though and I cannot comment on it,” Khazali said.

During the event, Sultan Ahmad Shah presented donations to 95 needy people and children from two orphanages here.

The Tengku Mahkota of Pahang Tengku Abdullah and Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob also attended the event.

We’ve been taxed left, right and center for the past… I don’t know… 25 years? If they really used the money for good causes as claimed, then shouldn’t our country be full of world class hospitals and schools by now? But instead, we’re seeing headlines of people getting sidelined, schools in need of repair, and shit like that. So, if that’s not a fucked up bullshit, then what is?

I don’t mind it if they really used the money to fund the people’s education or subsidise our healthcare. But this isn’t really the case, as anyone can tell. The BN government used the money to fund useless stuff – like 20 million bucks for a cage of a panda, sending some guy to space for no reason, erecting posh lamp posts in Putrajaya, build the biggest court for the worst criminals, et al. Our hospital bills aren’t getting any cheaper. Our education aren’t getting any better. It’s all the same, if not getting worse.

We all know it very well – the main reason these greedy motherfuckers are so concerned about anyone nixing this, is because without this huge ass tax imposed on imported cars, their Proton and Perodua are going to lose out very badly. And they will have to do some actual work to stay competitive, which they usually do not have to do.

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July 10, 2012

Penang Hill

I have not been to the Penang Hill for such a long time, that I have totally forgotten how shitty it is. About a week after I have joined Company T, the department organized a teambuilding up there on Penang Hill for a treasure hunt event and yes, I have confirmed it again – that place is a shithole.

A lot of people out of state always ask me about Penang Hill, and I always tell them that Penang Hill is a shithole. There’s nothing to do there. Like literally. No theme park, no mall, no nothing. I really don’t understand why would anyone want to go up there. There are only a few ordinary buildings there which hold no entertainment value at all. Eg.
– an Indian temple (Ordinary at best. You’d pretty much get more awesome temples with more historical value around the town than this one)
– a mosque (Same thing – you can get more awesome mosques around town – check out Kapitan Keling)
– several eateries (Overpriced and bland. Any shit down the hill is better)
– a hotel (That looks like it’s a working place for cheap geriatric hookers)
– an owl museum (Tourist trap. It’s not even a fucking museum)
– a police station (That looks deserted and a bit dilapidated.)
– a posh looking restaurant overlooking the ‘view’ (that’s about as ordinary as seeing white hair on an old geezer’s head)

Some say it’s a great place to hang out because the air is cool there. But that’s a complete bollocks. It’s not any cooler than my car air con at its worst condition. Some people say that the view’s awesome (or something along that line). But it’s just a view of the city, which most of the time is blurred with smog from the pollution and haze. So, without (or lack of) the view, the coolness, and places of interest, Penang Hill is reduced to nothing but a massive shithole.

The most interesting thing is probably the train ride up and down the hill. The new train is pretty fast, which makes ascending/descending the slope a little bit of an exciting event. But what’s the point if its sole purpose is to transport you up a giant stinking shithole? It’s sad really. Penang the fucking Hill. The only way to redeem its sad existence is to probably to pimp up the train to become a roller coaster, that meanders up and down the hill for a fee. Maybe to spice things up, we make it go under a fake log, throw in a few areas with close proximity with wild local animals and perhaps a couple of fake paranormal effects (hill spirits) or something like that. It’ll be a bomb. Or at least better than a stupid train ride up into a shithole. But alas, I’m not the government so, it’s still a shithole. Don’t go there.

(I see it more as a fancy rest stop for hikers hiking from the Penang Botanical Gardens. But if you’re going there by the train and expecting it to be interesting, you’d be disappointed)

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