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September 24, 2003

the milk connection

BigSnake and I followed Blackie to buy some milk powder for his 1 year old son after we had our lunch today. He left us in his car and then came back with a few cans of milk powder. Curious, I asked him – “Dude… how much is all that?”. Around 200 bucks he said. I was like “Whattttt ???”
“How long would the supply last?”
“Well, it depends… usually, 4 – 5 weeks.”
“That little bastard actually can take that much milk??? That’s more expensive than petrol man!”

He wasn’t quite happy with my reaction. Even BigSnake was dumbfounded too. He told us, it was expensive because it’s an Enfagrow… which contains some A+ vitamins 3-in-1 with conditioner no preservative 24 hours protection fluoride AHA whatever… but I’m still shocked with the rather expensive price.

I asked him “What happened to your wife?”

“Eh… you think my wife cow aa? constant supply aa?”

Apparently, I was hinting him about breastfeeding. He told me his wife indeed breastfed the little tyke but somehow, she just couldn’t continue anymore. Afraid of getting out of shape – he said. wtf??? So, all these money was spent because the wife’s afraid of her breast running out of shape??? There’s plenty of free milk in 2 attractive containers… but he chose to buy expensive milk powder for his son??? Strange but true.

I wonder, what was the situation like before milk powder was invented. Since when do we have to be so dependent on cows for producing milk for our children? To promote a close relation between human and cow? I mean, let’s talk about natural things… have you ever seen a hyena feeding on a pig’s milk? Or monkey feeding on a crocodile’s milk? This is exactly what I’m talking about. Human feeding on cow’s milk. It’s unnatural. It’s beginning to make sense now… on why are there so many dimwits & insane people in this world. It’s probably due to feeding too much on cow’s milk.

My stand is, unless you’re running out of choice, you should always consider feeding your kids your wife’s milk. Or your mom’s milk. Or your milk.

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September 14, 2003

knots getting tied

I am feeling very lucky for I don’t have to go through the complex process of getting married. Emily & I skipped the reception for a few reasons. I think a real good wedding should be a happy affair, simple and at the same time, memorable for the couple. But sadly, I don’t see that happening for most weddings nowadays.

People nowadays are having reception for their weddings for the sake of having it, be it as a tradition, or a requirement from their parents – rather than a true celebration of love… and these are often accompanied by heaps of exhausting chores of organizing the gaiety event, and the need for a huge expenditure. And all these, I think, causes more frustration than happiness… and I don’t think why we should do all that just to satisfy the people around us.

Getting married is a very private affair. And I think it is utterly unnecessary to get yourself into so much trouble just to appease someone else who has nothing to do with our marriage. That’s why, Emily and I decided to use the money to go for a honeymoon instead. And that is way happier for us, simpler and more memorable, than organizing a troublesome wedding ceremony. Nobody really gives a damn if you are tying a knot… and I am actually helping everyone to save an ang-pow or a wedding gift by not organizing a wedding reception. A win-win happy-happy situation.

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July 25, 2003

2 cents

My own take on meaning of life:
Why do we study? – so that we can get a steady job/career. Now that we have the job, of course we hope that it’s not some nutty job with puny wage. The understanding applies to all kinds of profession out there, from neurosurgeons to fishmongers.

The money, must be a lot. Now, ask again, why do we need so much money? So that we can use it to feed ourselves good, pay our bills and the ultimate goal – to be wealthy. Now, why is it so cool to be wealthy? Well, with money, we can do a lot of things… like getting ourselves a nice car or an opulent house… or condo …. or chick magnets… whatever. We’d be frigging happy to have a lot of money.

Hah… now that the word comes into view – happy. That means, all the studying, career / profession selection, struggles, etc …. are all for the very same thing – money (well..almost). One thing that ultimately satisfies all our lust & greed, for happiness. Ergo, happiness is actually the fish head (ref: Ishikawa… not Itchy Bawah) of all our needs. The rest are just branches, bones and twigs.

Now, if we can directly jump to the fish head… why do we need to go through so much troubles and waste so much of our time doing so many things for a very simple goal? My point is, why take a long route to find happiness, when they can be found everywhere. If you like that PS2 & you can afford it… go get it! If you like clubbing and you don’t have problem paying for everything that goes with it… go ahead! If you like to slam dunk chocolates into your throat when you’re watching a movie, to hell with dieting… go chow a bar! You will never know what is going to happen tomorrow. I am sure there a lot of people in this world already have this realization and most of them are actually suffering from some incurable disease, and about to die.

Enjoy your life while it lasts, every moment of it.

I realized this when I visited my grandma in Hospice… the environment there makes me think.

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