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March 1, 2020

Malaysian government

If you do not already knew, Modin will be the new PM of Malaysia, after a week’s worth of ridiculous events unfolding before every Malaysian’s bewildered 3rd world brain.

Here’s the piece of it

As Muhyiddin gets ready to take over, a divided country awaits
KUALA LUMPUR, March 1 — Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is expected to be sworn in as prime minister today, but the ceremony is unlikely to heal the wounds that have divided the nation following the resignation of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

While his coalition has united the Malay political forces of Umno, PAS and Bersatu, it also has its work cut out in winning over the significantly large number of Malaysians who must surely have been sickened by the events of the past week.

He will have to build bridges especially with those who were not supportive of his coalition.

Supporters have called for calm and for Malaysians to respect the decision of the King yesterday to name him as the man who is likely to command the majority of Parliament.

He will need to quickly win over detractors and build bridges even within his own party after some Bersatu MPs claimed last night they did not declare for him.

Of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s original 25 MPs, at least six of them claimed last night that they backed Dr Mahathir.

There were also claims that the party’s Supreme Council was not behind the decision to name him as prime minister.

With Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman one of the six who disagreed with Muhyiddin as prime minister, and leading his Youth wing to stay with that stance, it remains to be seen how long Muhyiddin can keep his fledgling party from tearing apart — barring a purge of his critics.

Muhyiddin will also have to face demands from his own partners.

There are four distinct groups who will be vying for a seat at the table in his administration.

While they all represent Malay-Muslim interests, the Azmin Ali faction, Umno, PAS, and his own party will want seats in his Cabinet.

But above all, his administration will have its work cut out in trying to convince the significantly large population of the country who would have been sickened by the turn of events in the past week.

Nearly 50 per cent of Malaysians voted for Pakatan Harapan(PH) parties largely because of anger over Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1MDB scandal.

Now less than two years later, PH is without Bersatu, and many Umno MPs — some of whom are on trial for corruption — will be part of the ruling coalition.

The Pagoh MP will now have build bridges with stakeholders — from the business community to the civil service, but most importantly with the civil societies which had worked hard to mobilise the voters resulting in the fall of BN in 2018, only to see their work come to naught now.

But after a week of twists and turns, Muhyiddin will just be relieved to be sworn in as PM today.

He will celebrate getting the top job after a long career in politics.

And then he will have to start work on repairing a divided Malaysia.

Sad day for Malaysia, I know. I wasn’t impressed with the PH government all these while, but that’s because I have set a very high expectation of them. At their most dismal performance, these amateurs were still way better than the previous corrupted BN government. Now it has all gone to the dogs.

In my opinion, the whole drama stemmed from 1 root cause (I could be wrong, there could be a lot more than this) – Anwar could not wait to be the Prime Minister. Instead of waiting it out (although the whole idea of waiting for the PM post to be handed just like that to him is foolish, but that’s a totally different discussion), people keep harping Dr.M to step down and hand the PM post to Anwar, either by deliberate design, or subliminally. Hell, if I’m in Dr. M’s faction (or Dr. M himself), I’d be pissed of course, who wouldn’t? It’s like seeing an asswipe standing by your table in a busy foodcourt making snide remarks about you eating for too long because he wanted the table. The more the guy pisses me off, the more I’d make him wait. That’s what I’d do. So, this impulsiveness of can’t wait to be PM… in a way, soured relationships with Bersatu (Dr. M’s gang) and caused some infighting within his PKR party big time (because some people respect the old man), and eventually led to a large scale of school-canteen style duke-it-out amongst these old men. When you’re fighting amongst yourselves, your enemies will have all the advantages to exploit your ass. And that’s what the UMNO and PAS guys did (they’re smarter than I thought they were).

And to put insult to the injury, there’s nothing undemocratic about the whole thing (unlike most people tend to say out of ignorance and anger in social media). We voted for the MPs (members of parliament), remember? We didn’t vote for who will be the Federal Government or State Government. The formation of Federal Government or State Government, is subject to political alignment within the same group of MPs themselves. That’s how our political system works. Meaning, the same members in the whole parliament, can align within themselves to form a government, just as long as their coalition has the majority. The same MPs are still there. They are not going away. Just with different affiliations and alignments. So, there’s nothing undemocratic about it. Now you know democracy is a bitch – you’d be the one feeling sore when things don’t go your way (because you’re not the majority).

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January 7, 2020


So now that Malaysia has failed its 2020 vision (to become a developed country), its government came up with another plan – SPV2030. Though I do not actually know what is it all about, the main selling point of the whole idea is to bridge the wealth distribution gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Sounds good ain’t it? Sadly, that’s all about it. Just another vision with very promising picture. Just exactly how are they going to goddamn do it, that’s what I want to know. This wealth disparity is a result of years of compounded mistakes of stupid policies and poor educational reforms in the country. Now they want to remedy this in 10 years? To make matter worse, there’s been a spate of in-fighting within the government. These people are too busy scheming the fall of one another to give any real fuck to the country in general. They could not even agree with each other, how are they going to fix anything at all?

I’d say, we should just forget about wanting to be a ‘developed nation’. Focus on fixing the glaring problems first – figure a way to stabilize the power and focus on getting the right people for the job. I’m talking about qualified ministers (this is where we lost). The gov needs to be low level formatted. Then, they need to fix problems like the water issues, the floods, the deteriorating educational standard, et al. With competent people in the job, we just might be able to turn around and think about joining the big boys in developed heaven…

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November 4, 2019

everyone gets a medal

Our new generation is so afraid to be left out of everything, that all of them gets a medal for anything they do. I see people organizing run or walk events all the time, and you know what? Everyone gets a medal. Just for participating. That sickens me. My kid participates these events all the time, and even though she didn’t actually win a top 3 or top 100, she always get a fucking medal. Hell, she got so many of them and so used to it, they were chucked in a box somewhere. It doesn’t feel special anymore.

Back during my days, medals were reserved for winners and were sacred. People hung their medals with pride. The losers got nothing but sheer determination to do better next time. I got no medals even though I was a strong runner and finished top 20 or something in my sports house (alright, I lied, I didn’t even bother to participate – but you get the idea). But kids nowadays got so many of them for just being there. That’s why they’re so fucked up, being made to fake believe to earn something that they did not work hard for. I had to make my daughter not care about these stupid medals, but look further in the horizon for something more worthwhile.

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October 13, 2019

I have the oddest habits

I think I have the oddest habits. If I were to be psycho-analyzed by psychologists, they’re going to get headaches figuring out how the fuck I work.

One of things that I find myself keep doing (a habit), is to check my phone for updates. It can be any updates. The Google Playstore, the Samsung Galaxy Store, my maps app update, the regular Android Software patch, anything. When I see the red icon pops up reminding me of an update, I get excited like a dog seeing a bowl of treats. And seeing the apps get updated is like a gratifying therapeutic moment for me. It’s like seeing myself getting rejuvenated with a potion in a game. I get reset and go full health from there.

And that’s the primary reason why I have all my ‘auto update’ settings disabled by default, so that I get to update my apps and keep that moment to myself for savoring. If the phone were to update itself, I don’t get the benefit of that said rejuvenation. I have to tap the ‘Update’ button/icon, and see the bar goes through the progress… only I’d get the kick. I know this is psychological. Hell, some of the apps that got updated, I don’t even use them (like that “ANT+ Plugin Service”, I don’t know what the fuck’s that…), but I get the thrill all the same.

Like I said, I have the oddest habits…

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October 4, 2019

I don’t get high school reunions

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting about their high school reunions. Like it’s a big fucking deal. Some 15 years, some 20 years, hell, some even 40 years. They’d go with matching T-shirts, and there’s one even complete with school uniforms. They hugged each other like they’re long lost siblings, and they looked like they’re damn happy to see everyone from their high school. My thought is, if they’re so happy to see each other, why didn’t they keep in touch and stayed friends? That’s why I don’t fucking get high school reunions.

I see it as an opportunity for those smug assholes to gloat over their less fortunate schoolmates/classmates. Or maybe a chance to compare dick sizes. More often than not, if you noticed, these reunions are often started by one that is quite successful in life. One who has made enough dough to be curious. It’s never the guy who’s a laborer still struggling to make ends meet. These organizer assholes, will be proud and loud, and they disgust me.

There’s one organized by this phony bastard for my school a few years back. I was invited of course, and I naturally turned it down. It was easy, really. High school was my most depressing period. It was a time when I felt most inadequate and I hated almost everyone (still do). Those who eventually became my close friends, do not need a reunion for me to meet them. Because we’d have fucking stayed in touch all these years regularly. So, a reunion, for me, is nothing but a redundant act of needlessly meeting smug assholes who didn’t make the cut to be my friends… So, why bother?

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