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April 16, 2005

enlighten me please….

I want to ask you readers out there…


For this post, I’m opening the commenting system for feedbacks…

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April 9, 2005

disclaimer III

Something I’ve written to a reader sometime ago :

“well, this blog is about everything. And that very well includes bitching and discrimination.

there’s no religion nor human rights in this blog. There’s no democracy either. Everything’s at the tip of my fingertips … and it’s about what my brain likes to think after a stressful day of work.

So, the whole thing’s pretty much like a prison meal … you eat whatever’s served – you are however allowed to file a complaint to the warden if you find it shitty, but that’s just a psychological relief to avoid prison riot … there’s actually nothing much you can do about it.


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November 21, 2004

disclaimer II

I ask for your attention.

If you think my blog sucks or I am lame at cracking stupid jokes, FINE. No big deal. Just go somewhere else. To other blogs.

I mean, if you’re so pissed with me and my blog, why bother coming back here? To post comments and let me make you sound stupid? This is my blog, and I blog any way I like it. I don’t beg for anyone to come here to read my stuffs… and I even have a few disclaimers to warn you… that this blog encompasses contents that are unsuitable for certain type of people. You read with discretion.

If you still insist to visit this blog and get yourself aggravated with it, then it must be YOU, yourself, that asked for it. YOU are the idiot. YOU are the “retarted” fuck. This is akin to forcing yourself to eat a piece of inedible rock.

I have no mercy for idiots and cretins alike. Or anyone who refuses to use their common sense. I will not hesitate to mock, jeer, insult or denigrate anyone who posts “inappropriate stuff” in my commenting system. Inappropriate stuff such as insults (to me, my friends, other readers), or anything that I do not like at all.
Yes I am that uncivilized, or whatever you want to call me.

Come on, this is my blog, it’s really easy for me to just expurgate your post or edit your comments. The worst thing that can ever happen to me, is to temporary disable my commenting system… which I have no problem doing so.

Hereby, I would like to message everyone who antagonizes me out there – just get the fuck out from this blog and disappear. I don’t really care about you and your retardation. If you want to continue reading this blog, fine for me too – just as long as you’ll keep your stinking mouth shut and only blurt whatever appropriate.

You’ve been warned you motherfuckers

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August 15, 2004


I really think that it is important for sites to have a rating, you know, to actually part between the good and evil… so that those who surf into a particular site have an idea what to expect based on the site rating.

I always wanted to give my site a rating, but I don’t really know how to do it myself – since I have been the one writing it myself.

So, hereby, I would like to ask for your help – please, rate my site. Just rate by percentage – whether it’s good or evil – accompanied with a short description why. Here’s an example :

“i would rate your site 98% Good, because you teach me stuffs that was not taught by mom”


“your site is 80% evil – because i think you are worse than freddy krueger.”

30% Evil is equivalent to 70% Good. Rate however way you feel like it, you get the idea. Be realistic and honest about it.

Just do it under the comments link below this post – since I am too lazy busy to run a poll.

I will average out the results, and put up a rating (based on the results) on my site at the end of the week. Cheers.

Update: the average result from the rating is – 62% evil. Cool.

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January 20, 2004


This blog will be on hiatus for the next few days in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration.

[edit at 6.20pm]
my itinerary for the week :
21st Jan : work half day, sleep, reunion dinner (maternal relatives), temple, virtual casino, drink
22nd Jan : sleep very late, reunion lunch (maternal relatives), more virtual casino, drink, reunion dinner again, more virtual casino, drink again.
23rd Jan : sleep very late, reunion lunch (mom and sis), drive to Perak, drink, reunion dinner (emily’s family), drink, sleep very late
24th Jan : sleep very late, reunion lunch (emily’s family), drive back to Penang, reunion dinner (friends), virtual casino, drink
25th Jan : sleep very late, not sure if gonna have lunch, drink and virtual casino
26th Jan : sleep whole day
27th Jan : back to work.

that’s the tentative plan. subject to change.
my very colourful chinese new year. I’m sure.

[/finish editing at 6.25pm]

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