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May 16, 2006


Just found out from some concerned readers that my blog has been banned at my own workplace – Company X.

Bloody hell, so much for telling everyone about myself being an awesome leader. Only chicken asses use dirty tactics to undermine their opponents. *Ptuiiiiiii !!!!!*

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April 18, 2006

friendly disclaimer

I came to know that some of you have just discovered my blog. Well, big fucking deal and good for you. I have nothing to say to you and also, please, don’t be confronting me in public about what I’ve written or what you think about me. This blog, is my own personal site for letting out… an extended hidden side of me that I prefer not to discuss in person. I hope you people can respect that…

And then, there might be some posts of mine which may cause you some discomfort, especially those concerning my/our workplace and it involves you, somehow. I can offer no explanation on this difficult behavior of mine. Maybe if I don’t do this (bitching about fucked up people at workplace inside my blog), I’d probably be an even more difficult person. Like, someone you hate, who could backstab your ass and discreetly spit on your keyboard. Who knows.

Hence, the only logical thing that I can offer to you, should you ever feel pissed about what I have written here, is an advice. The advice is – Just find the nearest toilet bowl, put your head into it, and flush. Heheh…

It is only good if you can understand, that the moment you choose to read this sacred site that details the sick side of my personality, you’re making a decision to delve deeper into what I think – and I shall not be held accountable to whatever negative repercussions that might befall on you. Take this as a privileged disclaimer for those of you who knows me personally.

I certainly hope that this will not change anything about our existing friendship. If I tulan you, we probably would never have been friends in the first place. Think about it.

Have a nice day guys.

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March 22, 2006

Inefficiency and hostility of JPJ staffs

Wanna know how good, “telus” and “efisien” our JPJ staffs are? Hover over to my friend’s blog entry here.

Feel free to distribute this interesting encounter. If you’re from the press, email my friend about it, he’d like it to be published publicly (the Datuk actually challenged to get this to the press…)

We do not need arrogant Datuks around, we need somebody who can really lead and do things right.

Here’s the URL again in case you missed it

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July 3, 2005

2nd anniversary

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my blog. *shakes head*. It’s really hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for 2 years.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t that serious about starting a blog back then. I did it because I just wanted to frolic around, was thinking if I can use it to replace my then online 3D art portfolio hosted at tripod (that came with tonnes of annoying ad banners…). And never had I thought that it would turn into what it is today…

the making :
It started out as a blogspot account (recommended by my then usenet friend – DrLiew) and my first few posts were basically crap. I had nothing to blog about but my less than mundane slave life at my workplace. My site had no counter nor any commenting system… and I wasn’t thinking of committing to keep an online journal or anything that resembled like it.

But then, as I was blogging my mind away, it gradually developed into a passion. Or an addiction. Can’t really differentiate. My blog soon became an online sanctuary for me to escape my monotonous corporate work life… and slowly, I began to discover that I’m less stressed than before. I started to look for topics to blog and that made me face my problems with full optimism, that it’s gonna be an awesome material for my blog later. That explains about the dark contents of my blog. It has always been like this … and very well will be like this for a long time.

the influence :
There have been allegations from some flamers that I was heavily influenced by Maddox… that my mind was corrupted by him … and our writing styles are very sarcastically similar bla bla bla. Well, that’s because those people think that they’ve read Maddox’s stuff, they’ve read everything.
(However, I’m honored to be likened as such… considering the fact that Maddox is actually a very influential & intelligent writer…)

The truth is, Maddox is just part of it. Before this blog or even reading Maddox, I’ve already had a small time writing habit at my Tripod homepage… preaching stupid people about arts and the concept of Yin & Yang (yeah it’s lame I know fuck you). And my articles were already full of ‘beautiful’ expletives back then.

I was actually influenced by many greater writers than Maddox himself… from Dave Barry to the anonymous masters in Ubersite (touted as the guild of greatest writers in the world).

the experience :
It is an undeniable fact that I now have my very own league of readers that contributed to the few hundreds of unique visits per day. But I also acknowledge that out of every 10 of those readers, there will be another 5 who think I’m a jerk or something like that.

Some would just plainly ignore my existence (which is good), but some were such pain in the ass. I’ve received countless of malicious comments, emails and even blog-post dedications before. I do not know why but, somehow, they must have thought that they’re doing themselves some justice by telling me that I’m an asshole (for blogging the way they think I shouldn’t.) *shrugs*

Can’t please everybody, can you ?

But it was hell of an experience. I’ve met many friends through blogging. Some online and some which I’ve met personally. Some even became my real world buddies…

And it all started with you beautiful people seeding interest in reading my blog. A word of thanks to all of you. Especially to DrLiew who introduced me to the world of blogosphere.

It has been a pleasure of mine to have blogged for 2 years, and I hope you guys have enjoyed them as much as I’ve wrote them.

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May 15, 2005

some updates

23 months, 679 entries and 3246 comments (since Nov 04, not including those in Haloscan from my Blogspot account) later, I guess it is time for me to add a search function inside this blog (as you may have noticed on the menu) for easy navigation over my old archives.

Like if you needed to know how many entries had I blogged about “housewives” before ? All you gotta do is just dump in the keyword and search, then voila ! You have all the relevant entries conveniently listed out in a page. (this is for those of you who couldn’t figure out what’s a “search” function …)

I previously didn’t add the search function into my start-from-scratch template because I was such a lazy ass … (though now I’m still a lazy ass), but now I feel compelled to add one in view of the growing archive. So, it’s a good thing.

Other changes that I have also made recently :
– Individual pages now encompasses the side links – which now look more consistent with the main page format.

– Shorter list of “Network of Blogs”, which some of the readers have been complaining as “20 meters long” or something. (140 over links)

– Stopped pinging PPS. There will be no more pings to PPS. That’s because somebody told me that pinging PPS is cheap and tacky. Since most pings don’t stay long in there anyway, I decided to post my entries independently. You want to read my entries ? You come here.

I am also contemplating of adding a banner/graphic at the main page… something that compliments my color scheme, so that the main page doesn’t look that dull. But, that will have to wait till I am back in my mood to fire up my NURBS and rendering program…

And I will be open to any suggestion as well.

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