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July 3, 2017

14 years old

This weblog is 14 years old. To put into perspective as to how long 14 years is:
– 14 years ago, our CPUs rocked at 130 micron. Today we’re at the advent of 10 micron or less…
– 14 years is enough to build the Penang Bridge, from the idea of conception up until the goddamn bridge is completed…
– it’s right about the time it takes to completely construct China’s Forbidden City…
– it’s longer than the time taken to release all the original Star Trek film series…
– 14 years ago, your phones still had lots of buttons…
– having said that, this blog actually existed 1 lifetime (7 years) prior Samsung’s successful Galaxy S series product line (started in 2010)…
– it’s long enough for you to COMPLETELY follow all seasons of The Sopranos + Breaking Bad tv series, week by week including the breaks…
– the age of this weblog is longer than whatever fucking career for most people born in the mid 80’s have today…
– if you conceived your kid about the time this weblog started, then your kid now has enough pubic hair to clog the shower drainhole…
– 14 years is about the span of The Jackson 5’s entire career, which saw the emergence of Michael Jackson and his oddities…
– it’s about twice the time taken for Cassini space probe to reach planet Saturn…
– it’s enough time to complete the construction for the majority of the Pyramid of Giza…
– the existence of this weblog is longer than the prison sentence for most political dissidents in Malaysia…
– it’s more than enough to complete your secondary school education with enough time wait for your uni reply…
– it’s longer than the French Revolution. FR only took 10 odd years to complete…
– it’s older than Facebook!

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July 3, 2015

12 years

12 years ago today, I started this blog. How long is 12 years? It is long enough to:
…wage two and a half World War I’s. WWI only took ~4.3 years
…wage two World War II’s. WWII only took 6 years.
…span more than half the career of a professional soccer player.
…have the opportunity to change the Malaysian government TWICE!
…witness at least 1 rotation of a new US president.
…conceive the Star Wars universe and complete the screening for Episode 4, 5 & 6.
…progress from accessing the WWW with a 14.4k dialup modem on a desktop PC to wifi on a notebook computer (it actually took less than 10 years).
…complete your fucking primary education.
…build the Petronas Twin Towers… 3 fucking times (it took only 4 years to build the 2 towers)
…EOL at least 8 models of iPhone (iPhone started in 2007, and it’s only iPhone 6 now).
…watch 3 World Cups and 3 Summer Olympics.
…rack up about 240,000km of mileage in your car.
…complete 85% of African-American Civil Rights movement at USA.
…reach planet Neptune with Voyager 2 space probe.
…revolutionize the display from bulky CRT to thin ass HD LCD for both the TV and monitor industry.
…transform from a young early adopter of blog reading to an old fart/hag with no life lurking in some obsoleted nonsensical blog.

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July 3, 2013

1 decade

My blog has existed for 10 years today. 10 years ago,
– Mahathir was still the PM. Dubya was the US President, first term.
– Vampires sucked blood, not dicks.
– Hokkien Mee in Penang was on average less than 3 bucks.
– Dumb phones were still the smarter choice.
– We didn’t have so many annoying tourists taking pictures of walls around Georgetown.
– People did not take pictures of their food before they eat.
– Camwhore wasn’t an epidemic.
– Pluto was still a planet.
– If you’re young when you started reading this blog, now you’re old…

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July 2, 2012

9th year

Tomorrow marks the 9th anniversary of my blog.
Some trivia related this blog over the years:

– I started writing online since 1997 in a homepage, but it was Dr. Liew who introduced me to blogging in 2003.
– The blog started out as, migrated to dot net in 2004.
– This blog now holds about 15,000 comments and 1521 posts. (actual stat unknown, due to lost data during migration to dot net)
– Garnered over a million pageviews I think. Or a few.
– Most read post is “How to torture a cat” (you people are sick!)
– Second most read post is “What ‘pundek’ means” (you people are sick x2!)
– I blogged about buying my car 8 years ago.
– I’ve worked at 3 different companies through this period – Company X, Company Y and Company T.
– I’ve changed 7 bosses – 4 in Company X, 2 in Company Y and 1 in Company T.
– The blog saw the death of all my grandparents, and both my parents.
– The blog also saw the birth of my daughter.
– I’ve made over a few dozen friends through this blog.
– I’ve been offered money to advertise stuff on this blog for no less than 30 times through the years.
– There are a total of 3 different languages covered in this blog.
– If you line up the letters in this blog back to back, it will be long enough to cover the distance to the fucking moon (alright I was just kidding about this one).

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July 4, 2011

8th year

I’ve been blogging for 8 years. Fuck me.

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