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March 24, 2020

moving back

I’m moving my site to

Going to stop the hosting and .net domain in 3 months. Some of the links may break at the new site, I’ll find time during the MCO to update them all.

Update your bookmarks if you want.

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July 3, 2019

this blog has just turned sweet 16

This blog has just turned sweet 16.
Started in 3rd July 2003, this blog was born in the year of the Water Goat.
Its horoscope is Cancer (Crab). According to the internet, this astrological sign has a negative polarity and its main characteristics are quite unsociable and introvert.

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July 3, 2018

15 fucking years old

This weblog has just fucking turned 15 years old. To you fucks who have no fucking idea how fucking long that is, here’s a fucking list to put things into fucking perspective:

– When I fucking started this weblog, I was only fucking 26 years old. I will be turning 41 this September. Fuck.
– I have fucking changed a total of 3 fucking cars since this weblog fucking started. The latest car I’m using now is 6 fucking years old. Fuck me.
– My daughter is fucking 12 now. I was still fucking bar hopping when the weblog started.
– My country has changed 4 fucking Prime Ministers since this weblog started. Madey, Pak Lah, Bijan and fucking Madey again.
– We were still fucking around with cathode ray tube televisions 15 fucking years ago.
– The word ‘tweet’ fucking meant nothing as a verb back when this weblog started because Twitter has not fucking existed yet.
– There were fucking no internet connectivity on phones 15 fucking years ago.
– Kill Bill was fucking launched the same year when this weblog started. I bet half of you fucking turds don’t know who Bill was (Bill’s dead).
– The Ronaldo we fucking had back then was a fucking Brazilian, not a fucking Portuguese.
– If you fucking started reading this weblog when you were fucking primary one, you’d have completed or about to fucking complete your tertiary education by now.
– Online shopping was largely unheard of 15 fucking years ago and laptops still fucking had floppy disk drives on them. (if you do not know what’s a fucking floppy disk, that’s your save button).
– Your mom wasn’t so fucking fat back then.

Proudly brought to you by the words ‘fuck’, ‘you’ and ‘me’.

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July 3, 2017

14 years old

This weblog is 14 years old. To put into perspective as to how long 14 years is:
– 14 years ago, our CPUs rocked at 130 micron. Today we’re at the advent of 10 micron or less…
– 14 years is enough to build the Penang Bridge, from the idea of conception up until the goddamn bridge is completed…
– it’s right about the time it takes to completely construct China’s Forbidden City…
– it’s longer than the time taken to release all the original Star Trek film series…
– 14 years ago, your phones still had lots of buttons…
– having said that, this blog actually existed 1 lifetime (7 years) prior Samsung’s successful Galaxy S series product line (started in 2010)…
– it’s long enough for you to COMPLETELY follow all seasons of The Sopranos + Breaking Bad tv series, week by week including the breaks…
– the age of this weblog is longer than whatever fucking career for most people born in the mid 80’s have today…
– if you conceived your kid about the time this weblog started, then your kid now has enough pubic hair to clog the shower drainhole…
– 14 years is about the span of The Jackson 5’s entire career, which saw the emergence of Michael Jackson and his oddities…
– it’s about twice the time taken for Cassini space probe to reach planet Saturn…
– it’s enough time to complete the construction for the majority of the Pyramid of Giza…
– the existence of this weblog is longer than the prison sentence for most political dissidents in Malaysia…
– it’s more than enough to complete your secondary school education with enough time wait for your uni reply…
– it’s longer than the French Revolution. FR only took 10 odd years to complete…
– it’s older than Facebook!

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July 3, 2015

12 years

12 years ago today, I started this blog. How long is 12 years? It is long enough to:
…wage two and a half World War I’s. WWI only took ~4.3 years
…wage two World War II’s. WWII only took 6 years.
…span more than half the career of a professional soccer player.
…have the opportunity to change the Malaysian government TWICE!
…witness at least 1 rotation of a new US president.
…conceive the Star Wars universe and complete the screening for Episode 4, 5 & 6.
…progress from accessing the WWW with a 14.4k dialup modem on a desktop PC to wifi on a notebook computer (it actually took less than 10 years).
…complete your fucking primary education.
…build the Petronas Twin Towers… 3 fucking times (it took only 4 years to build the 2 towers)
…EOL at least 8 models of iPhone (iPhone started in 2007, and it’s only iPhone 6 now).
…watch 3 World Cups and 3 Summer Olympics.
…rack up about 240,000km of mileage in your car.
…complete 85% of African-American Civil Rights movement at USA.
…reach planet Neptune with Voyager 2 space probe.
…revolutionize the display from bulky CRT to thin ass HD LCD for both the TV and monitor industry.
…transform from a young early adopter of blog reading to an old fart/hag with no life lurking in some obsoleted nonsensical blog.

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