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September 8, 2010

Etech Auto Parts

Have you ever felt like wanting to buy something, like a notebook or a cellphone, but felt lazy to even go out to check it out?

Well, good news for all of you… an old friend of mine, who runs a business selling retail notebooks, cellphones and some car spare parts (ask him about it), is lazy too. So he did what he thinks is convenient for all of us lazy farts who share the same ideal of not wanting to do more things – he set up a site to list all his merchandise complete with pictures and retail price in RM (ringgit Malaysia).

I’m personally not into it but, I’m helping out an honest friend trying to provide more for his family. His site is simple, just merchandise and price. You can check it out for price reference purposes, or if you decide to buy something, deliveries can of course be arranged, or COD if you’re in Penang. Or you can email him if you have inquiries, free blowjob etc. Just tell him I sent you.

Here’s his URL:

Just hop over.

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August 4, 2010

Squeak Art Asia

Have you ever looked at the bunch of artworks that your little tyke did and wondered if they’re going to end up on a wall like a prized collection somewhere/someday?

Well, unless your child is a prodigy, that is not likely gonna happen. But fret not, you can actually get it done (with a fee, of course) and have it hung at your own home. Or be given away as a gift to a loving grandmother/godmother etc. Two of my cousins started a company that does stuff like this, and I’m helping them to pimp their stuff here because they’re awesome.

Just check out the 3 artworks my Regine did, 2 of which were done when she was 3 years of age (remember “Burning House” and “14 Colorful Clouds”? I’ve blogged about them here) and the other one done a few months ago (titled “Red Hill”).

So instead of chucking her works away like scrap papers, we kinda had them ‘immortalized’ in square shaped canvas and have them hung on a wall somewhere, to be appreciated for years to come.

Basically, Squeak Art Asia can help you make anything you want into canvas, including bootlegged paintings, original paintings by your talented maid (or yourself), or even photographs (this could be a thing for you if you’re a business owner and you want the pics of your products on your wall). They have all sorts of things going on there, you can check them out in the following sites.

Price is of course, reasonable. And you’re likely going to get better service, if not a discount, if you tell my cousins that Michael Ooi sent you. They are headquartered in KL, and delivery can be arranged. For more inquiries, you can email the owners at the following address here:-


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