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April 6, 2016

Toyota Prius – 2011

Some bloke emailed me that he is looking at a used (‘second hand’) Prius 2011 with 60k km on it, and if there’s anything that he should look out for before deciding to purchase it. Here’s my reply to him:

Hi [bloke],
Prius 2011 has one very common problem – ‘Check Hybrid System’. It’s an error message that pops up halfway through your driving – won’t stall, can continue driving, but at reduced power and no hybrid.

Cause ranges from defective 12v AUX battery, to the inverter, to the Hybrid battery itself. Most problems seen on high mileage 2011 models, before the infamous Toyota Prius recall (to flash the firmware). My theory is, the 2011 high mileage models could have already sustained damage to the transistor (too late) for the recall, or simply it wasn’t flashed right at Toyota SC (some users complained abnormal charging behavior or driving experience). Toyota has this under warranty (8 years). Since the unit you’re interested is somewhat low mileage, I’d say it’s low risk (but check with the owner anyway if he/she had the car flashed at Toyota SC, and make sure you test drive the car with ECO/PWR mode disabled).

Maintenance: No worries. It’s very economic. My 2012 model is approaching 90k km, no brake pad change, no 12v AUX battery change, no ATF change, and only brake fluid change once. Parts are expensive but so are other makers. Remember, Prius isn’t marketed as a ‘fuel economic’ vehicle – it’s supposed to be a ‘green vehicle’ (although being ‘fuel economic’ is one of the advantage of being green). Prius isn’t that economic when you do a lot of short commute (of less than 10km per trip) with frequent start/stop.

If you need more info, you can request to join this closed group at Facebook –
Lots of info inside, updated daily by Prius owners on their experiences.

It’s a closed group, just mention to the admin that you’re interested to buy a 2011 Prius and you’re here to seek more interaction from owners.

Michael Ooi

One thing I forgot to mention though, is to look out for sleazy previous owners. If you’re getting it from a dealer, be sure to check the battery vent at the driver side of the rear seat. Check for thick dust build up or signs of tampering there. Thick dust build up on the vent (or inside the vent) is an indication of a potential overheated hybrid battery which could have a shorter life. You can be a bitch about it but no harm checking. Reason is simple – just read this post about notebook computer overheating issue I’ve written before here – the same principle applies. A clean a vent is an indication of lowered risk.

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February 28, 2016

kitty hate mail

Another verbose hatemail from the world wide web for my cat torture post. (I collect them like trophies)

This guy sounds like some dimwit who has very intimate relationship with his right hand… who uses the zombies in Walking Dead as a metaphor of hate, and the age twelve as the maturity benchmark, LOL.

It kinda boggles the mind to think that people like him would deign to spend that fraction of time in his awakening life to write such a long hatemail to me, rather than spending it for a better cause… like maybe volunteer at the soup kitchen? The animal shelter perhaps? Draft a petition to outlaw meat as food? et al.

On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 1:08 PM, Bombay [] wrote:
You need mental help. You’re the kind of person Rick kills in the walking dead. You’re a stupid troll who sucks at shock value. You’re an attention whore.
“…So think twice about sending me an email”

Bitch, I know how to filter an email address.
And bitch, even if a different one gets through I know how to NOT CLICK ON IT! And no, a hostile insulting attention-grabbing subject isn’t gonna make me click on your response either!
Go kill yourself :) Also, you may think you’re cool with this whole torturing cats thing, but you’re just another psycho from investigation discovery, nothing new.

Do you have any idea how many fucked up people are in this world? Do you think YOU fucking compare to any of them? Ha, you’re fucking funny, you stupid fucktard.

Yeah sure, you can make a website and post fucked up things because you’re thirsty and desperately need attention, and have the mentality of a six year old, which is the mentality of “I’m gonna piss everyone off” But this is the real world, and you’re gonna have to conform or be sanctioned eventually. And you’re not going to like it when someone finally puts you in your place :) Your stupid, stupid place :)
You haven’t matured past the age of twelve. Trust me. You haven’t. Because twelve year old boys talk about those kind of things. Or psychopaths. But acting like a psychopath doesn’t make you look all “mystical and interesting” it just brings hate your way so have fun dealing with all that.
We can troll too, bitch ass motherfucker.

Trust me, you can play on the fringe as much as you want; you’re only making yourself look like a preteen boy.
But once you start to play outside the edge, you know, with that pathetic little game of yours, then you’re going to piss of the wrong person. Who knows, it might be a cop (seems logical, considering you’re the type to throw a bitch fit if told to lay on the ground) And once you piss off the wrong person, they’re going to hurt you. They’re going to hurt your bitch ass. And people are gonna laugh at your twisted up, pale bloody pathetic little face.

You’re only pushing it as far as you can without getting the wrong persons attention and getting set straight. Therefore, you’re just a fucking attention whore.

Get fucking real. And get fucking mental help.

You’re not some “scary” “powerful” man, you’re just annoying everyone in the world. You’re like a speed bump, or an annoying kid pulling on my shirt. Get over cats, and get over yourself.

Get out of life’s fucking way and go see a therapist.

My reply to Bombay the 12 year old cat lover:

On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 4:46 PM, Michael Ooi wrote:
Bombay. Fuck you and your miserably pathetic piece of retarded rant.

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December 7, 2012

hate mail from yonder

I received a hate mail today

On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 11:46 AM, r r [] wrote:
you fucking worthless piece of shit. u don’t fucking deserve to live. u think u can hide behind a computer bc ur too fucking ugly to be seen. just FUCKING DIE

I don’t really know what was that for… I guess it must be for that kitty torture post again. Anyway, here’s my reply:

On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 7:12 PM, Michael Ooi wrote:
Bitch, please. Learn how to fucking type first, you miserable piece of sore cunt. I hope you get herpes and crabs for every sex you have, and all your pets die of cancer.

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December 22, 2010

long time no trolls

Someone posted this in my ‘food list’ entry…

Tai Koh
December 22, 2010 at 1:41 pm
Mr Sixty Minutes, may I suggest that you try not to be a smart Alex but giving directions using Lon & Lat as the angular distance of the earth coz you are not a qualified Astronomer, RF or even NASA practitioner. You are merely talking to mostly laymen on your site and try to project your thoughts to them using simple English words…..KISS (Keep it Simple & Sweet or Keep it Simple Stupid). Dont act smart coz to me you are not qualified. For example, just tell them one of the best “Sup Torpedo” is fronting Hotel Malaysia instead of N….E.
Even Bubble (MJ ex monkey) is smarter and can do better than you Looi!! I can spot few like you(but smarter) at Botanical Garden or along the back lane of Bukit Bintang . Take my advice, attend a charm school in the evening. Bring along a few sticks of fried chicken legs fried by Madam Looi.

Here’s my courteous reply to the troll,

December 22, 2010 at 6:15 pm
Tai Koh
One – It’s 62%, not Sixty Minutes.
Two – It’s ‘Smart Alec’, not smart alex. Term does not even apply here.
Three – MJ’s pet’s name is Bubbles, not Bubble. Notice the ‘s’ you fucking dumbass.
Four – Those are common GPS coordinates, if you don’t know anything about it, shut the fuck up.
Five – My surname’s Ooi, not Looi you retard.
Six – Fuck you for being so stupid.

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October 8, 2010

UiTM research team

Received this email from a purported ‘research team’ from UiTM Shah Alam…

from Kay
to Michael Ooi
date Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 3:18 PM
subject UiTM Shah Alam (Malaysia)
3:18 PM (0 minutes ago)

We are the research team from UiTM Shah Alam, and currently we are conducting a study on Investigating Attraction Factors to Join Affiliate Program by Website Owner .
The objective of the study is to Investigating Attraction Factors to Join Affiliate Program by Website Owner .

We would appreciate it if you could spend few minute to
complete this questionnaire.

Please be informed that all of the information provided by you will be treated wise strict confidence and will be used for the purpose of this study way.

Follow this link : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Thank you for your cooperation.

I mean,
– “to Investigating”?…
– “spend few minute”?…
– “information provided by you will be treated wise strict confidence”?…
– and note the email time, it’s future dated. (can’t even get the time right)


Damn, don’t you think his English is too suck ass to be of university level?
If they’re really from UiTM, I think the team does not need to conduct research. They need English classes.

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