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December 15, 2003


Emily’s aunt and family came for a visit during the weekend. During one of our lively chat, her aunt sort of told us of her past wonderful experiences visiting Penang’s famous Botanical Garden and how the place has changed over the years.

Emily’s aunt: “We went to the Botanical Garden yesterday.”

Me: “Great! So, did you see any monkeys there? The kids had fun?”

Emily’s aunt : “Yeah we saw them. But there were only very few of them. Not as many as it used to.”

Me: “Oh… that was not surprising. A lot of those monkeys migrated out from the park to seek for greener pastures, and went to get themselves some job.”

Emily’s aunt: [slight pause …] Huh ?

[obviously, she did not tune well to my dark humor. I had to explain to her.]

Me: “They gone out to work. Got it? To factories, offices, corporates? Like, all over the place? Lot’s of them in my workplace working as top executives. My ex-boss was one of them.”

Emily’s aunt: “Errmm … ok.”

Everyone were laughing hard except her. Now I know housewives run on different frequency, and not all of them know how to appreciate a fine joke.

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