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August 11, 2008

yes or no

Bedtime, inside the room, it was dark.

Emily (my wife): “Regine, do you want milk?”

Regine (my 2 yr old daughter): *Nods*

Emily saw her nodding, but decided to prod for a verbal answer… because we parents are all so sadistic like that…

Emily: “It’s dark in here, mommy couldn’t see if you’re nodding. Again, do you want milk?”

Regine: *Nods*

Emily: “No… you have to say, ‘Yes or No’…”

Regine: “Yes or No.”

Emily: *blood pressure shoots through the scale*

I’m so proud of my girl…

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August 5, 2008

the tunnel

Regine was at the playground playing when she came across this tunnel. She wanted to enter the thing but, she somehow hesitated. Being a pair of supportive parents (alright, wannabes…), we gave her a few words of encouragement for her to go through it.

“Go on, go into the tunnel. Don’t be afraid… Mommy will be on the other side, and daddy will be behind you…”

But she didn’t budge. It must be the longest tunnel she has ever seen. The previous tunnels we brought her to, were all short and looked very much safer. But this was different. It was oblique, and a bit dark as well. God knows what manner of creatures could be lurking in there, she must have thought. And just when we were about to give her another push, my Regine said the darndest thing ever…

“The tunnel is so BIGGGG! Regine is so small… Cannot!”

We were both amused and surprised, because we’ve never actually heard her express herself like that before, especially when she gestured the ‘BIG’ adjective with her open arms and used her thumb/index to show how ‘small’ she is compared to the tunnel, with a somewhat miserable facial expression.

After we laughed our hearts out, I kind of acknowledged that maybe the tunnel was too intense for her, and I told Emily that maybe we should try it again when she’s older. But Emily was relentless, and decided to give one final push. She crawled through the monster infested hell hole herself… you know, to lead by the example to see if Regine would follow. Regine procrastinated a little while, and eventually went into the tunnel and came out from the other side.

I tell you man, I couldn’t have been prouder and any more impressed. Had my baby not contrasted to us that it was hell of a task for her to crawl through that shit, I wouldn’t have felt it that much. This, people, is called ‘lowering the expectations’ and when you score, you score it with colors – more or less the same as ‘Lesson #2′ featured in my ‘What have I learned?‘ post. Dirty trick but, works all the time.

It took her old man 20 over pathetic years to learn that, but my baby already knew how to do it intrinsically (goddamn!)

Like I said, I couldn’t have been any more impressed.

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December 12, 2007

Ook Aa Ah

Emily : “Regine, say – Aunty Heoh…”

Aunty Heoh is one of Regine’s caretaker at the daycare center.

Regine : “Ook Aa ah.”

Emily : “No, not ‘Ook aa ah’. Say it properly – Aunty Heoh… say it.”

Regine : “Ook Aa ah.”

Emily : “Repeat after me – Aunt…”

Regine : “Aunt.”

Emily : “Tee…”

Regine : “Tee.”

Emily : “Aunty…”

Regine : “Auntee.”

Emily : “Heoh…”

Regine : “Heoh.”

Emily : “Now say – Aunty Heoh…”

Regine : “Ook Aa ah.”

Emily : [Legs up in the air]

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November 28, 2007

Regine approaching 18 months

My soon-to-be 18 months daughter Regine has a nickname now. It was given by the principal of the nursery cum daycare center she is attending.

The Little Samseng.

*’samseng’ is a Malay word, that roughly translates to ‘scoundrel’ in English…

I do not know what had my little girl done at the nursery to be granted such a name but, I guess it must have got something to do with her daddy’s 62% trait…

Right now, I’m still not sure if I should start to get worried, or continue to feel amused by her increasingly bold shenanigans. I’m just enjoying every second of having her around…

Regine a.k.a. Little Samseng – that weights approximately a large sack of rice. Gives good workouts and plenty of muscle aches

Btw, in case you’re wondering, that’s my burly chest behind Little Samseng there. I think this is the first time it has ever been featured on this site. So, appreciate that already.

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November 20, 2007

the S word

I was driving Regine home from the daycare center with Emily. Some asshole suddenly cleared into my lane without an indicator and I reflexed,

“SHITTTTTT lah this guy!!!!!!! @#$%^&*”

And then I moved on… as though nothing had happened.

A little while later, I overheard Regine exclaim from the backseat,

“SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT”, like she was singing along merrily to a kiddy rap song.

Emily had to shush her up for good and chided me for being such an ass to say things like that in front of my kid. Mea culpa, I didn’t talk back.

I can’t help but think about how true it is when people say you learn bad things faster than the good. It’s always easier to pick up profanities and cusses than any proper vocab. That’s because the nature of human is always evil… that’s probably why we need religion and decorums to hold our shit together (there, I said it again).

Just look at Regine. It literally took her days to learn how to say “Hi”, “See you” and “Goodnight”… but it only took her a fraction of a second to pick up that “S” word.

For a moment there, I really felt like an ass.

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