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January 23, 2007

misunderstood II

I got onto the bed, late, and accidentally woke Emily from her sleep.

Emily : “Dear, I had a terrible dream about you just now…”

Me : “Yeah? What about it?”

Emily : “I dreamt that you lied to me. You told me that you’re going to work very late at the office, but instead, you went out with the guys to drink and frolicked with stray girls…”

Me : “… … …” [sounds like fun…]

Emily : “It was a terrible dream…”

Me : “Just… why wouldn’t you dream of me, telling you – that I’m going out to drink with the guys and frolic with the girls… but instead, I would go to the office and work my ass off?”

Emily : “… … …”

She didn’t answer me. She didn’t have to. I already knew the answer the moment I finished asking that question. The fact is, we guys are the most misunderstood species on Earth. We’re often associated with evilness and wrongdoings… but never the good stuff. (unless you’re a wimp and you don’t have hairs on your legs)

There’s nothing we can do about it but to wash it away with a glass of beer or two (… or three… four…). *sigh*

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December 17, 2006


Emily returned to my waiting car, after crossing a busy street from the pharmacy…

Emily : “Something strange happened to me, dear.”

Me : “What?”

Emily : “I was about to cross that busy street and the cars deliberately stopped to let me do it… I suddenly felt so important…”

If you can understand the mentality of Malaysian motorists, they don’t normally slow down or stop when they see pedestrians wanting to cross a street. In lieu of doing that, they would either accelerate, honk or flash their lights. Just… whatever to freak the shit out of anyone from crossing. What Emily experienced was indeed something very strange.

Emily : “I wonder what changed their attitude…”

Me : “That could only mean one thing – you’re old.”

Emily : “What??”

Me : “The only possible reasons for people stop their vehicles to let a female pedestrian cross a street, are either because she’s pregnant, or a geriatric. And you’re not pregnant.”

Emily : “Bleh! You said that because you’re jealous, ok? They let me cross because I’m hot. So hot that they had to stop their cars…”

Me : -_-‘

Girls… they never seem to be able to accept old age like us guys. They only realize they’re old when they have their menopause, which then, they’d be 10 times more difficult than ever.

(if you’re optimistic enough, you’d see that getting old can be a good thing. You get discounts everywhere and you don’t have to queue up to get something done. I think you old people should just exploit that privilege… and stop worrying about everything else.)

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November 6, 2006

almost bit the dust

Accompanied Emily to the blood lab again last Saturday. But it was a bit crowded in the lab that morning and we had to wait for our turn. While waiting, I, for some inexplicable reasons, made a stupid remark about the cute receptionist (again) to Emily.

Me : “Man, her attractiveness sure has gone down the drain ever since she became a mommy…”

Yes, the girl sort of evolved from a cutesy looking attractive lass into basically, a tragic looking creature with terrible hair.

Emily : “Hmmm, she looks all the same to me.”

Me : “Are you even serious?? Just… look at her! Look at her hair! She’s not as pretty as she used to be anymore.”

Emily stared at me… and laid a trap.

Emily : “Oh yeah? So how do I look then… after becoming a mommy?”

Me : “You? Aisehman… of course you still look pretty, dear… of course… ahaks”

She snickered. She must had thought that it was a fucking lie. But it wasn’t. The truth is, no matter how much my Emily changes, she’s going to look all the same to me. Like the day I first discovered her sparkling eyes… lushy lips… and the imperfect nose with dark heads. I love you, my dear.


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September 4, 2006

who gives a crap?

I was busy coordinating something important in front of my computer (torrent downloads, games, etc) when I was confronted by Emily…

Emily : “Aren’t you going to wash your car today?”

Me : “Nope.” [continues to click around]

Emily : “Why?”

Me : “Don’t feel like doing it.” [more clickings]

Emily : “You’ve been sitting on that chair for the past 3 days… you needed the exercise…”

Me : “No I don’t.” [click click click]

Emily : “If you sit too much, your ass is going to grow bigger and bigger…”

Me : “I’m not concerned. I don’t need an ass to impress someone. In fact, I don’t need ANYTHING to impress ANYONE. I already have you… I already have Regine… my life’s already fulfilled. There’s nothing left for me to impress. I just don’t give a crap no more.” [click click]

Emily : “You needed to the exercise NOT to impress someone. You needed it for your own health. Ok?”

Me : “I’m already healthy.” [click click]

The point is, I’m already post the age where I need to be concerned about my own looks. 10 years ago, perhaps. But definitely not now.

At this stage of my life, it takes something even deeper than just looks to control the raging bull… if you know what I mean…


And oh, it’s sad to learn about the death of Steve Irwin ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. He has always been my favorite Australian. Kinda ironic for a person who had such passion for animals… only to be killed by one. Told you people we should fucking leave them animals alone… They won’t appreciate what you do for them.

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July 4, 2006

your own way

Emily and I were having our usual late night bed-conversation in the darkness prior going off to sleep.

Me : “Single guys are a bit of a slack… don’t you agree, dear?”

Emily : “Yep. They don’t have a girl to remind them how to be proper…”

Me : “Yeah. Just like [name] and [name]…”

Emily : “So, would you be as slack as them had you not found me?”

Me : “Nahhh… I’m a natural born perfectionist and I’m special. I’ll still be as superior, single or not…”

Emily : “Then why would you still need me then?”

Me : “I was driven by compulsion… I was naive and stupid.”

Emily : “Elehhhhh! How about Regine? Also driven by compulsion?”

Me : “Yeah.”

Through the darkness, she could see it through my mind that it was a lie. A lie that was implicative in its own way (When you’re 30, you’ll develop your own bizarre way of expressing your love. Trust me on this…)

Our night progressed on with more laughter about what Regine did for the day… and talking about worries that are looming before us. Our life is about to get more challenging by the minutes…

PS: I missed out another important event yesterday… It was on 3rd July 2003 that I started this whole blogging business. It has been 3 frigging years since I started blogging. Geezzzz…

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