March 20, 2020


The virus affects everyone. Basically, half the world’s on a lockdown of some sort. Everyone has to stay at home, businesses are forced to close down and our economy’s at the brink of collapsing. On the other hand, the streets are emptier, curbs are cleaner and the air’s clearer.

I am one of the very few who has the permit to drive to the workplace to work, as I am part of the essential workforce. I drive down what would normally be a congested road, it is now an empty one. Just like a scene in 28 Days Later, sans the annoying zombies of course. I then park my car at what would be a normally full parking lot, with plenty of lots to choose from. I walk into the office building, there is no one to avert, no fake courtesy smiles to exchange, and I can probably hear a pin drop.

This whole thing is unprecedented. And I actually like it, this whole lockdown thing. It reminded me of the simpler days in the early 80’s, when life was much simpler and we hadn’t heard of the term ‘traffic congestion’ or ‘crowded places’. It was the time when we could see blue sky, smell the sea breeze and don’t have to worry about the time. I have finally felt that again, and I like it.

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