March 8, 2020


I was talking to my colleagues about some bitches in Company T, and I casually referred to the individual as ‘aunty’ (it was actually in Hokkien – “Lau Ee”. But it roughly translates to the same meaning). One of my colleagues, intrigued, asked me

“Dude, you kept referring to that girl as ‘aunty’, but to me, she’s still too young to be referred as such. So what’s your actual definition of ‘aunty’?”

For the record, that particular person was in her mid 30’s.

“You’ve got to be kidding me man. You really have to ask this?? Have you been eating leaded paint chips when you’re little??”

One will be automatically become an aunty if she meets any of the following criteria:
– one is over the age of 30
– one who is already married, regardless of age
– one already has given birth to a child
– one who is perceived as a biznatch/bitch, regardless of the age.
– one who is annoying according to you

I have spoken.

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