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February 11, 2020

dipshits in Company T

One of the many things that bothers me a lot about Company T employees, is that they like to stay in their car after driving into their parking lot. That is, they’d park their vehicles, but would not alight for another 10 – 15 minutes, with the engine running. These dipshits, would play with their phone inside their car like they have an obligatory duty to keep their douchebaggery in check.

Now why would I be bothered with their business? The thing is, if they’re in the car, you wouldn’t know when they’re going to come out, and if I were to park my car next to theirs, and if they were to open the door (without looking, most of the time, because their fucking eyes are on the phone, remember?) at the wrong timing, accidents could happen, see? So I have to skip the lot next to the dipshit’s car. Imagine a whole lot of them around… you’d be pissed too like me.

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February 6, 2020


I’m sure most of you people know who Michael Jackson was (duh!)… But do you know that the name ‘Michael Jackson’ could take a totally different meaning in Penang? If you have not already experienced this, don’t be surprised when you hear a waiter/waitress holler out loud “Michael Jackson!” in a local food court or coffee shop – for he/she does not mean to call someone who shares the same name as the dead megastar, but it’s a name of a popular drink of soya bean milk with herbal jelly (local calls it ‘cincau’). Who came up with the name, I am not sure, but it would sure to get one ponder as to why they came up with the name. Was it for the ‘Black or White’ song? Or his known condition with vitiligo? I guess we’d never know. Here’s the picture of it in case you do not believe me…

Michael Jackson

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