January 14, 2020

Company T management

Company T is a leading technological company that’s respected by many, but not many people know that its internal structures are plagued with mentally challenged individuals. Some of its policies are just plain nonsensical.

One of the oddest thing in Company T is the approval of leaves. That’s the leave of absence I’m talking about. In Company T, anyone can just take a day off without an approval from the manager, you know, like if you decided not to come to work, it is perfectly alright to do so. The boss has no say in that. You can just not show up, and update in the online tool that you didn’t come for the day and the annual vacation days will be deducted from the records.

Now, that’s not the fucked up thing about it (how can that be a fucked up thing?). The fucked up thing about it is – however, approval is required from the manager for SICK LEAVES! Like, your manager has to approve if you’re sick and unable to come to work! Apparently, somebody thought that the doctor’s certification is not good enough, and your manager has the final say if you’re sick enough to not come to work. If that isn’t fucked up, then you’re fucked up.

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