January 7, 2020


So now that Malaysia has failed its 2020 vision (to become a developed country), its government came up with another plan – SPV2030. Though I do not actually know what is it all about, the main selling point of the whole idea is to bridge the wealth distribution gap between the wealthy and the poor.

Sounds good ain’t it? Sadly, that’s all about it. Just another vision with very promising picture. Just exactly how are they going to goddamn do it, that’s what I want to know. This wealth disparity is a result of years of compounded mistakes of stupid policies and poor educational reforms in the country. Now they want to remedy this in 10 years? To make matter worse, there’s been a spate of in-fighting within the government. These people are too busy scheming the fall of one another to give any real fuck to the country in general. They could not even agree with each other, how are they going to fix anything at all?

I’d say, we should just forget about wanting to be a ‘developed nation’. Focus on fixing the glaring problems first – figure a way to stabilize the power and focus on getting the right people for the job. I’m talking about qualified ministers (this is where we lost). The gov needs to be low level formatted. Then, they need to fix problems like the water issues, the floods, the deteriorating educational standard, et al. With competent people in the job, we just might be able to turn around and think about joining the big boys in developed heaven…

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