December 4, 2019


It’s the holiday season again. In Penang, it means time to endure traffic jams and stinky hordes of tourists from hell. They come in droves and one of the fucked up things they do that pisses me off, is to hog up the tables at local food courts.

It’s all very common, and I’ve seen it again today. Big groups of family, usually a group 15 – 20 of them, drive up to Penang in their Alphards, come into a food court and expect to be able to sit together by merging up the small tables around the food court. I wonder if they have shit for brains? Food court tables are meant for small groups (like 4 or 5). If you come in a group of 20, expect to split up. Why do you guys need to sit together?? If you want to do your chatting, why can’t you fucknuts do it at a park? Or specialized restaurants that cater for big groups? Or hell, inside your Alphards?

I’m not against people travelling in big groups. It’s all fine if you want to travel like buffaloes mowing down a field. All I’m asking is be considerate. You see, a small food court table for 4, if you merge it with another small table, you lose the sitting capacity by 25 percent. If you merge more than 2 tables, the capacity loss is compounded. So, 4 tables for 16, now becomes a long table for 9 or 10. And then these people would hog more stools by placing their bags and stack-them-up for their kids, you get into situations of not having enough tables/stools for other patrons. That just pisses me off to no tomorrow. Fuck you if you’re like that.

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