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December 27, 2019


Wow, look how delusional and arrogant these rustic people are… look at these fucks talk like they own us or something…


Remember you’re living in a ‘Malay world’, Hadi warns Dong Zong ahead of congress

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 — Islamist party PAS lambasted Dong Zong today for allegedly behaving unethically in a multi-ethnic society, ahead of the Chinese Organisations Joint Conference that the Chinese educationists’ group is co-organising with Jiao Zong.

However, its president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang also warned the ethnic Chinese group to remember that its members are living in “a Malay world”, and therefore should not overstep its purported boundaries.

“This is not about the government’s soft tone against them, but their attitude. They understand, but they act as if they don’t get which world they are living in.

“Is it a Malay world or Chinese world or the media world? They should understand which world they’re living in,” the Marang MP was quoted as saying by Malay daily Sinar Harian.

Hadi’s remarks come even as PAS secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said the party is ready to hold a dialogue with Dong Jiao Zong together with Barisan Nasional component member, MCA, in a bid to defuse tension and seek an amicable solution.

On the other hand, the head of PAS’ ulama wing Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh labelled Dong Jiao Zong as “anti-national” and a racist organisation for planning this weekend’s protest against the teaching of the jawi script in vernacular schools.

In an open letter, PAS information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad had also urged the Home Ministry to ban Dong Zong.

Despite that, Hadi insisted that his remarks were not directed at the Chinese community, but just Dong Zong.

Hadi also accused Dong Zong of disrespecting “native residents” here, and being ungrateful to “those who allow them to stay here”.

“They have overstepped their boundaries and we hope they will change. If they don’t, it will become fiery,” he reportedly said, adding that it is possible for others in the Chinese community to live peacefully here.

Around 1,000 people are expected to attend the event tomorrow, from representatives of school boards, parent-teachers associations and alumni associations, to those from the Malay and ethnic Indian communities.

The organisation’s refusal to heed advice that it cancel its conference has caused concern that tensions could escalate, as more conservative and hardline Muslim groups threaten reprisals.

‘Malay world’? What the fuck does that even mean? What imaginary world are they talking about? I am sure as hell that I do not fucking live in THEIR world.

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December 21, 2019

2019 & decade roll up

It’s the end of the decade. In this decade, I lost my mom, life took a 90 degree turn, changed job twice and ended up in Company T. Who would have thought eh? People expected me to be in prison.

Well, fuck you all, I suppose.

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December 13, 2019

Great Ocean Road, Grampians & Melbourne, Australia – Itinerary and planning (9 days)

Went to Australia this year. The plan was simple – the legendary Great Ocean Road (GOR) roadtrip for 3 days, then drive up to the Grampians for 1 day, and the remaining time to spend at Melbourne city to soak everything up. Going to share this itinerary in 1 long post.

– Actual travel time took like, 10.5 days. The itinerary does not cover travel time, so it really depends on the flight schedule if one were to follow this itinerary. Good thing is, time is not a problem for most planned visits. So it is like, 3 days for GOR, 1 day for Grampians, 1 day for all the road travels and 4 days for Melbourne (broken into 1 day Phillip Island, 1 day Wilsons Promontory hike, 2 days in Melbourne city).
– Time of travel planned is end of November. End of spring, approaching summer. Long daylights, good temperature – although it could swing between a single digit to the 20’s. I did not bring thick clothing which was a mistake – almost froze my balls off along the GOR.
– This was planned based on 3 pax – my wife, my teenage daughter, and myself. I managed to hit 100% of what I’ve planned. If you’re planning for a group of more than 4, this probably won’t work as well for you.
– The main objective is the epic Great Ocean Road roadtrip. That’s why I dedicated 3 days to it. I fucking love oceans, seas and beaches. I’d sacrifice all my other days just to make the GOR trip right. Some would plan GOR as a daytrip from Melbourne but that’s just retarded.
– And because GOR is not quite accessible by public transport, the itinerary involves a lot of driving. If you do not have a valid driving license, or have problems driving long distance, this isn’t going to work for you. You can consider cycling though, but that’s just too fucked up.
– The Grampians itinerary would require certain level of fitness because it involves a lot of walking/hiking. If you’re wheelchair bound or is not fit to hike/walk, you won’t be able to do this shit.
– Because Australia is full of wild animals, expect to see a lot of them. If you have phobia of seeing furry critters or anything bigger than a rat, you’re in for a tough time as well because we saw a lot of those fuckers at close proximity. (I know a friend’s spouse who’d get a fit when she sees a fucking cat or anything with fur so…)
– This is not the best itinerary. There are shit tonnes of better ones out there. This is just my itinerary, shared to give anyone an idea to custom better ones. If you have criticism about the itinerary, save it, I couldn’t care less.

*long post ahead…
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December 4, 2019


It’s the holiday season again. In Penang, it means time to endure traffic jams and stinky hordes of tourists from hell. They come in droves and one of the fucked up things they do that pisses me off, is to hog up the tables at local food courts.

It’s all very common, and I’ve seen it again today. Big groups of family, usually a group 15 – 20 of them, drive up to Penang in their Alphards, come into a food court and expect to be able to sit together by merging up the small tables around the food court. I wonder if they have shit for brains? Food court tables are meant for small groups (like 4 or 5). If you come in a group of 20, expect to split up. Why do you guys need to sit together?? If you want to do your chatting, why can’t you fucknuts do it at a park? Or specialized restaurants that cater for big groups? Or hell, inside your Alphards?

I’m not against people travelling in big groups. It’s all fine if you want to travel like buffaloes mowing down a field. All I’m asking is be considerate. You see, a small food court table for 4, if you merge it with another small table, you lose the sitting capacity by 25 percent. If you merge more than 2 tables, the capacity loss is compounded. So, 4 tables for 16, now becomes a long table for 9 or 10. And then these people would hog more stools by placing their bags and stack-them-up for their kids, you get into situations of not having enough tables/stools for other patrons. That just pisses me off to no tomorrow. Fuck you if you’re like that.

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