July 3, 2019

this blog has just turned sweet 16

This blog has just turned sweet 16.
Started in 3rd July 2003, this blog was born in the year of the Water Goat.
Its horoscope is Cancer (Crab). According to the internet, this astrological sign has a negative polarity and its main characteristics are quite unsociable and introvert.

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13 Comments to “this blog has just turned sweet 16”

  1. engineer says:

    and you finally allow comments…for some god unknown reason i’ve been following your blog since before you had regine…

  2. michaelooi says:

    Not much comments to allow nowadays…
    So you’ve been following this blog for 13 years?? goddamn!

  3. engineer says:

    goddamn indeed…your on my bookmarks that I still read..it’s been entertaining haha

  4. Shao Min says:

    Wow, it has been a long time. I followed this blog since I was in high school. And now I am in my 30s! Haha

  5. The H says:

    I started following this blog about 10 years ago. From singlehood to moving country, to getting married and to having kids. It has been entertaining.

  6. michaelooi says:

    Yeah, I can’t believe I’m still maintaining this shit.
    I guess it’s an avenue for me to just let it out.

  7. Fx says:

    Yeah.. same.. been reading this blog since 2005/06

    Since then, changed jobs, got married, moved to another state, had 3 kids etc etc

    But it still feels like yesterday..

    Keep posting bro..

  8. ken says:

    time flies…
    keep posting its nice to read about ur rants….

  9. Xiao_zhai says:

    Happy 16, Michael! LOL. Just dropping by occasionally.

    I think I’ve heard about your site since 2004 via DrLiew.

    Hope all is well.

  10. Ray says:

    Yup, another follower since around 2005/06, still come back from time to time and occasionally will pull up some of the archives (during working hours of course) and have a good laugh. Thank you for the entertainment and please don’t stop what you’re doing.

  11. michaelooi says:

    Glad you guys still stick around reading this crap

  12. Ben-G says:

    Have been following since the days of tmnet.communities.

    this page is not bookmarked in browser, it is engraved in my brain.

  13. Schuan says:

    Have been following you since I was in university and Friendster was more popular than facebook. now I have gotten married and still reading your blog. Keep writing.

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