September 10, 2018

FB is good for escalating shit

You know how frustrating it is when you have to deal with some scumbag merchants who do not give a shit about you and your problems? Well, now I seem to have discovered a new way of making these cocksuckers ‘care’ – Facebook (I know, I’m a latecomer. But hey, if you don’t already know this, then consider this a favor!).

A few months ago, I bought some shaving supplies in the US and the shipment made all the way to the east coast (parcel expected at north west) and stuck there for a few days. When I sent an email to the company & USPS (which suck, btw), they did not bother to give me a respond. So after a few days, I vented it out in Facebook, and guess what? I got a refund almost immediately, and the shipment came very much later for free.

And then recently, there’s this FedEx incident, hear me out:

My motherboard decided to die on me and I ordered a replacement board from eBay. I opted for an expedited shipment, paid USD 9 for it because it was like losing a kidney without a working desktop at home (and I’ve got some important travel shit to do). So I expected it to be fast, like, you know? Instead of a few weeks, I’d get it like, a few days? But no, my shipment got stuck again, it was sitting in Hong Kong for a couple of days. That was when I contacted the FedEx customer service via email requesting status about the holdout. No reply. So I did what I know about doing it on Facebook, I dropped them a nasty review…

As expected, I got them to reply on the same day itself…

So I sent them my tracking number via FB message privately. But I think it’s a gyp to buy them time because the message came back a day later asking for more details which they already have… Naturally, I had to castigate them for wasting my time (and also I am not comfortable revealing my info via a msg just like that)

You can tell from my message that I was pretty pissed already – as I expected better from FedEx. They could have at least done a better job explaining shit to me than pulling a stunt like that to buy time. There’s no luxury of time in courier business. So I dropped an update into my original review to have a closure. (by that time, my parcel started to move – oddly – from 2 transits in Hong Kong to Taiwan, to a couple of locations in China, then a short stop at the Philippines, to Thailand and then to Malaysia. Efficiency at its worst.

Anyway, I sort of gave up on that shipment already, until I received a call the following Monday morning (Hey! look who has my contact information all of a sudden…) – it was a lady who was rather polite. She called because some manager forwarded the post to her department, acting all concerned. I didn’t plan to give her an earful that morning but I had to… because of what she said. According to her, the shipment is expected to go all over the places, because it is an economic option (if you do not understand that, it means I did not pay enough to have the shipment reach here faster, and I should not bitch about it because it is normal). So, why the fuck do we still use FedEx when we have cheaper and faster options offered by other courier companies? Escapes me. I didn’t make the choice. I dumped another update to the bitch ass post (I’m exploiting the power of social media here, bite me) and called it a day.

I was thinking, this could have been handled way more professionally had they responded to my email in the first place. Had that happened, I wouldn’t have thought of resorting to FB shame these schmucks for ruining my weekend.

Social media is bad way to go, people. If you own a business, just fucking make sure your support service emails are well monitored. You do not want customers resorting to social media. For the end users, note the consumer power that you wield. Use social media if these fucks are ignoring you. I’m not using FedEx in my life ever again, needless to say (you guys should check out the nasty stuff users have written all over the FedEx review page – which only scored 1.5 stars btw).

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