May 6, 2018

the teenage girl at the cinema

…is a bitch.

How so? I was watching The Avengers Infinity War at the cinema with my family, when I noticed flashing lights coming from my right. At first I thought someone was taking a goddamn selfie inside the fucking cinema when the movie was showing, but it didn’t seem so because I know a camera flash only flashes once, and it illuminates the person’s face. But this was outwards, and it gave a 3 – 4 quick flashes, just like a goddamn plane’s beacon. It was annoying as fuck.

I tried to peer over to the side to see who the fuck was doing that but, alas, I could not see shit because it was as dark as fuck. And this went on throughout the duration of the movie and I swear I was at the verge of charging over to that direction and be prepared to give the perpetrator a concussion with my knee or something (perhaps hoping at the same time that the person isn’t as big as Thanos). But almost at the 4th quarter of the movie (that was when Thanos was about to teleport to Earth and fuck things up real bad), I heard an irate guy voice bellowing “CAN YOU STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR PHONE!?”.

…It was only then I found out that it was a teenager bitch who had one of those stupid phone case that blinks like mad whenever there’s a notification or something, and the teenager bitch couldn’t stop looking at her goddamn phone and reply the messages from her retarded friends. Though that confrontation should have gone way earlier and more hostile (something like “IF YOU DON’T KEEP YOUR GODDAMN PHONE NOW I’M GOING TO SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!”), but it did the job. The blinking stopped.

According to my wife (who sat next to the bitch’s parents), she was already told many times by her own parents to keep the phone because the blinking was too annoying. But she didn’t care until some dude yelled at her. Fucking parents couldn’t do jack shit about their daughter’s insolence. Goddamn cibai. If it’s my daughter, I’d have tossed her phone into the sea for being such a bitch.

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