March 10, 2018

lost dreams

One of the rookie engineers in my team offered to drive to a group lunch, and we had some light chat in the car to keep things less awkward. You know, with the age gap and all that. But for some strange reasons that day, he chose to lament what must had been lingering in his mind for a long time, but had no one to express his thoughts to…

“You know, if you have a 100k followers Instagram account, you’ll be paid handsomely for a product review on your account?”

Old ass me didn’t know that of course. I know that a lot of bloggers or Youtube account owners get paid shitloads for to pimp out products and ads. But this was something new for me.

“Really? I know about Youtube, but I didn’t know about Instagram.”

“Yeah, I’m talking about, getting five figured payout each month”

“Seriously? Now I know why I get so much spam from random strangers…”

“That’s why a lot of young people nowadays wanted to strive a 100k Instagram account, instead of something useful, like a proper career”

I was surprised that coming from him. Because in my thoughts, young rookie people are ignorant and apathetic. They listen to stupid songs, and they do stupid attention seeking things like selfie in front of an oncoming train or breastfeed a kid while doing yoga – all for counts and hits in their social account website. Now it all makes sense.

“That’s a good point actually. I once asked a friend’s kid, what he wanted to be when he grows up, he told me a ‘Youtuber’. Back in my days, kids wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer! Like, what happened to the world?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to say. People wants to do stupid meaningless things now instead of real dreams.”

“I hear you, man.”

People used to have dreams. But something has gone terribly wrong and now, the new generation no longer have dreams. The possibility of being able to earn money via hits and counts with an online account, has shaped them into desperate whores, who’d do anything to get more followers in the virtual world… and this has paved the way to social decadence like spreading fake news and partaking dangerous activities (doing stunts on top of high buildings, destroying properties, etc) much to the amusement of their similar minded ‘followers’.

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