January 27, 2018

customer service

A few weeks ago, my vacuum cleaner died on me. Fortunately, it was still under warranty so, I sent it for repair. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, I received a phonecall. A young lady with a sweet voice greeted me from the other side…

Customer service: “Hi Mr. Ooi, I am Sweetvoice calling from Acme appliances. You sent your vacuum cleaner for a warranty claim 2 weeks ago?”

Me: “Hi, yes I did. Any problem?”

Customer service: “Oh, no problem at all. Just calling you to tell you that it’s done. We had to replace its motor.”

Me: “Great! So when can I collect the vacuum cleaner?”

Customer service: “Ermm, collect the vacuum cleaner? I… don’t know.”

Me: “So it’s not available for collection yet?”

Customer service: “I… don’t think so.”

Me: “Then, what is this phone call all about?”

Customer service: “To tell you about the repair, that it has been completed.”

Me: “No, I’m confused. So, you called to tell me that it’s completed but I can’t collect it?”

Customer service: “I… don’t know. Let me check with my senior…”

Me: “Ok…”

[she put me on hold, came back about 15 secs later]

Customer service: “Sorry Mr. Ooi, I’m actually new at work. I don’t know what should I do next. I’ll call you back when I have more information…” [kept on apologizing profusely…]

Me: “Ok…”

It’s a wonder how a sweet voice could have averted disaster of people shouting at her for being such a screw up.

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