December 28, 2017

2017 roll up

2017 saw our traveling fetish switched into overdrive and went right ahead as planned. There’s never one day I do not think about traveling and where to go next. I know of a few travel heads who provided sound advice and I am thankful for that. This year, we conservatively traveled to 4 places and they were: Bali, Hainan, Bangkok and southern Japan (which we just came back from last week).

There was another place that was supposed to be in the pipeline – a road trip to Samui island – but that had to be canceled due to an important development in our lives – my daughter Regine has hit puberty and now she’s contending with her menstruation for the first time in her life. It first happened in November, but that was just some light rain. When we were in Japan in December, it suddenly became a category 10 typhoon. It wretched my heart to see her struggled with her cramps, and it was a really scary episode for both Emily and I – even more so that it happened when we were traveling. Reminded me back during the time when we had to take care of her when she was still a toddler when she got afflicted with virus infection and a raging fever.

Anyway, now that the storm is gone for the month, we decided to give her some time to get her shit together and learn how to deal with this ‘taiyeema’ thing in the coming months. It’s going to be important for everyone of us. We’ll resume traveling the world once she has that under her control.

2018 will be an important year for all of us. Big change is coming, and we’re hoping that we can cope it well. Not about to share what’s what in the blog here but, this will serve as a memory point for me to remember what I’ve anticipated at this point of time in 2017.

Bring it on motherfuckers!

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