October 27, 2015

Port Dickson

Made a trip to Port Dickson with my wife and kid last month. Reason: We needed to unwind and we’ve never been to Port Dickson so… it became our short getaway trip.

The Plan:
– drive to Ipoh (start damn early in the morning)
– have an awesome dim sum breakfast at Ipoh.
– visit a limestone cave at Ipoh.
– drive to Port Dickson and just in time for lunch.
– have an awesome lunch at Port Dickson.
– grab some groceries and beer.
– check in to the hotel. drink beer. soak in pool. relax.
– by the time I’m done pooling, it should be just in time for dinner.
– have an awesome dinner at Port Dickson.
– back to hotel, more pool time.
– sleep. pool. leave.

The Trip:
Started early enough to reach Ipoh at around 7am. Ipoh has always been my stop town if I take a long drive south. It’s like a retarded cousin of Penang. Food’s good there and not expensive enough to piss you off. Anyway, wanted to go to a place called 翠月樓港式點心 (Chooi Yue Dim Sum) at this loc, but it was closed for the holiday (it was a public holiday). So I settled for the next less retarded dim sum joint I could find – ‘Yoke Fook Moon’ (here). It was alright.

Yoke Fook Moon is alright. The servers are at the lower half of distribution curve in terms of rudeness.

The time I completed whooping enough dim sum to power me for the rest of the day, it was only 8 in the morning, as planned. Then I drove to this limestone cave cum temple nearby (still in Ipoh town) called Kek Lok Tong (here). By the time we reached there, there were already some old people there doing some recreation activities like jogging and emitting strange howling banshee like hum-cum-singing (which freaked my daughter the fuck out). Other than that, the cave was cool and tranquil in the morning.

Kek Lok Tong cave is a perfect venue for a rave party.

By the time we’ve done the cave, it’s already close to 9am. I started the journey then to Port Dickson, which took me about 3 hours. It was early enough without heavy traffic, so it was a relaxing drive. When we reached PD, it was just time to take our lunch. My first choice was this place called ‘Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Mian Jiu’ (here) for its famed “Lar char meen” (dirty noodles – if you’ve watched ‘The God of Cookery’, then you’ve probably heard of it). But again, luck was not on our side, the place was fucking closed with a note in Chinese (no idea what it said). So we settled for our backup plan – Lucky (P.D.) Seafood (here) – famed for its giant chicken curry bun. It turned out to be a mistake. The chicken curry bun wasn’t even decent, far from good. The bun tasted artificial, and so was the curry. We had one of the worst lunch in our lives, and went ahead to pick up some groceries and headed to the hotel.

Giant chicken curry bun. Looks like an egg from the movie Alien. It was disappointingly bad.

The hotel we booked was in ‘Grand Lexis Port Dickson’ (here) – which is right next to the older Lexis Port Dickson. The Lexis hotel line is famous for its pool in the suite setup – which gives you the privacy of soaking in a pool right inside your suite/room (I was there for that, of course. I just couldn’t stand soaking in a public pool with people juice in it). But it came at an exorbitant rate though, which I didn’t mind. The hotel management and food were shitty, but the room, as expected, was kinda neat. Strange how a pool could change the fun level of a dull afternoon of nothingness inside a suite. We did all the soaking we needed and lost the track of time until dinner…

The pool in the room. The next level of awesome.

Hotel suite on stilts, above the muddy seas of Port Dickson. I wouldn’t swim in there.

…which we did at an awesome seafood place called ‘Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant’ (here). I had a blast whacking its famous ‘salted duck egg crab’ there. Ordered a couple of other dishes, deep fried squid and stewed mussels (or something) – both were equally nice too. The host was friendly and gracious, and the price was cheaper than what we would commonly pay at Penang (for KL dwellers, this is a totally no-brainer cheap). I was there at about 6.30pm, and it wasn’t long before the crowd started to build up like there were free stuff to be distributed there.

Restaurant was almost empty when we reached there at 6.30pm

This salted duck egg crab is seriously a good example of how different species of animals can sometimes work together to give us good food.

We did a lot more soaking at night, and the next morning until we checked out from the hotel suite. On the way home, we stopped by Ipoh again to buy a couple of Aun Kheng Lim salted chicken (here) and headed straight back to Penang.

The Verdict:
Port Dickson is a shithole with not much choices of good food (exception for ‘Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant’) to offer. The stay at Grand Lexis was nice, but it was merely confined to the hotel itself. The hotel could have located in Jinjang, and it would have been the same fucking thing.

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