February 6, 2015


It is a known fact that Penang bears this reputation as a ‘food paradise’, known for its vast variety of unique food options sold at economic price. That’s why we have so many people from all over the country (and foreigners as well) hunting for food here. Over the years, these stall business owners (or commonly known as ‘hawkers’) prospered in Penang, especially with the advent of social networking sites like Facebook which give them free publicity over the click of a button. These hawkers, spoiled by the windfall and all the fame/attention, started to get cocky, and that’s what I wanna talk about today.

You see, when we wage earners work, we are all fucking bound by this tacit code of conduct – to be professional in your line of work. Doesn’t matter what you are. Chances are, if you have a sloppy attitude, you’re more likely to get reprimanded by your boss and lose that much out in your bid to survive. In modern times like this, where everything in the market is so goddamn saturated, having a good / professional attitude goes a long way in any line of career. You know what I’m talking about. It’s a cruel world, only the bests win.

But not these fucked up hawkers, because of you people. You see, shit used to be good here. But not anymore. You know why? Because they’re not bound by these rules of survival anymore because of all the unfair attention. Hell, they’d get business all around the year anyway, why should they be courteous to every customer they see? I’ve encountered shitloads of such hawkers in Penang. Rude and cocky to the very bone. One of the most popular treatment they give, is to ignore the patron when an order is made. Then the patron will have to repeat again and again to ensure the order gets acknowledged (which literally looks like one is begging for food from that hawker), and more often than not, the patron ends up getting yelled at for being such an annoyance for repeating too many times. One of the many things they’d do, I’m sure there are worse.

Ask yourself, why would you patronize such an outlet/hawker stall? My plead to you guys is, please, walk away if you see such a hawker. There is no food good enough in this world that makes it worth to get a shitty treatment like this. Have some self esteem, don’t stoop to their level and feed their ass off this bullshit. Remember that. For me, when I encounter such a shitbag hawker, I’ll just tell them to “Forget it, I’ll fucking go to another stall”, and I’ll write something nasty about it in Foursquare. When enough of you people do something like this, I’m sure it’ll make a difference, and these cocky, rude, son of a bitch hawkers will learn the lesson of humility and shit will literally get better. Give the business to those who deserve it (there are some great hawkers out there with less famous but better food/treatment – you just have to look). And this – of course – applies not only to Penang. Can be any-fucking-where.

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