November 12, 2014

Arab tourists suck

I was in KL for a day trip on assignment, and met a chatty Indian taxi driver. The long ride in his taxi, got us to talk about everyday stuff – from the GST to Anwar’s butt, but the most interesting of all, our shared hatred for Arab tourists (and what followed after that).

The taxi driver told me his experiences with Arab tourists and he hated them because most of them are assholes. They’d either fleece him off his taxi fare, or they’d scream at his ass for not driving fast/slow enough. Had a couple of police reports to prove it. I couldn’t agree more with him – I’ve always disliked them for being inconsiderate and rude, i.e. assholes. It was as if they’ve been brought up to believe anyone who isn’t an Arab is inferior.

Anyway, it was just a chat to pass time. The last time I actually had an encounter with an asshole Arab was eons ago, until that VERY DAY ITSELF in the airport (after the taxi dropped me off) – believe it or not, I had another incident with the Arabs! (this time, it was a young couple with children).

I was queuing up at Burger King, and saw this skinny fucknut Arab standing at the counter next to the queue checking out the menu displayed behind the cashier. He was pretty much minding his own business there and then walked away. When it came to my turn to order, suddenly this Arab bitch appears right next to me and ordered 2 cheese burgers. Everyone in the queue then (myself included) glowered at the fucking Arab bitch for about a few seconds, before the cashier politely told her that she won’t be served because there’s a queue at the counter. Arab bitch went nuts and claimed that her husband was in front of me in the queue and she was standing in for him. Not knowing who her husband was, I asked

“So who’s your husband? And where is he now?”, I thought, maybe she’s a wacko and has an invisible husband…

She pointed to that skinny fucknut Arab cheebye I saw earlier on. He was standing about 20m away, looking at the roof. I then said to the Arabian bitch,

“No he wasn’t in the queue”, and looked squarely in her heavily eyelined eyes, to which she got intimidated and backed the fuck off… but not without bitching something in her language (a language which sounded like she’s trying to get rid of something stuck in her throat – that’s how I knew she and her fucknut husband are Arab tourists). I wanted to yell at her with my native language (perhaps with a little mix of Tamil to confuse her), but I simply wasn’t in the mood (been a long day for me). So, I just chose to ignore her instead.

I thought that was the end of it, and she’d go queue up or something. But guess what, it happened again to another patron. It appears that this fucking Arab couple does not know how to queue up (like, standing behind a line?)! How fucking ridiculous is that? And after that, they somewhat had a quarrel in the Burger King joint (screaming some high energy pubic-hair-stuck-in-throat language, creating a big scene) and both of them then walked off towards different directions, leaving their 2 confused children inside the place for the whole duration of my meal (that’s about 15 mins). When I left the joint, their children (and bags) were still there. Fucking Arab tourists. Inconsiderate, stupid and reckless.

What are the odds, eh? That’s like you ranting about acne problems back during your puberty years and then WHAM! a big zit appears on your motherfucking nose. Shit happens out of the blues mann…

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