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May 18, 2014

Zoo Negara

Brought my daughter to Zoo Negara (or the National Zoo) last week. To be frank, I wasn’t a fan of zoos. Never liked zoos in fact, because to me, going to a zoo is like visiting an animals’ prison. Watching wild animals that are meant to be free in captivity isn’t my kind of fun. If it wasn’t for my daughter, I wouldn’t have gone there in the first place (that explains why I hadn’t gone there prior, even though the place has existed for decades).

Anyway, I got quite surprised with the place. Turned out to be very lushy green and well maintained. I was expecting it to be filthy and stinky, just like the other zoos we’ve visited – which usually have this animal waste stench that hits you square in the face the moment you enter. But not Zoo Negara. Instead of stench, I smell fresh air (that has to account for something, because it’s frigging hard to get fresh air in KL) and the place was actually clean! (and that’s a rare find as well). The whole place was rigged like a greenery park, with huge trees and cooling shades. Even though the day was scorching hot under the sun, the huge zoo was breezy to walk around on foot. There’s a lake in the middle of the zoo, where you can see some storks or whatever shit those were, flying around freely. And if you’re up for some picnic, there are a few gazebos with awesome view for you to do that. There’s also this ‘tram’ service, that runs on electric power and therefore, no fumes that could cause lung cancer amongst the inmates there. Thumbs up!

And when we were there, we also saw some posters that the Pandas are going to be here very soon – which must be the controversial (costly) 20 million bucks leasing project that our government is gonna pay China for 10 years – just to have these 2 pandas here in Malaysia. With 30 bucks a pop, the zoo’s going to need close to a million visitors in the course of 10 years just to break even that cost alone. And there are going to be more cost to cover – like the renovation, the environmental conditioning that’s going to draw shitloads of power in this weather, food (pandas fucking eat a lot), the existing costs for the rest of the park/animals… Just, how wise it is (in the economic sense) for us to put 2 pandas in there? I doubt it’s going to change anything because the zoo’s already awesome the way it is. If our government feels like spending some money anyway to uplift the zoo, just engineer a few canopy walks or ziplines (can work with Penang’s Escape theme park to get that done easily) across the tiger/lion enclosures for a little bit more fun. Make it a fun park instead, you know, visitors get to climb and zip through the zoo, while checking out the animals from the top of the trees – it’ll be the first of its kind and fun… for both visitors and the animals too.

Go there if you have kids. It’s a great place to relax and it isn’t expensive at all.

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May 6, 2014

different kind of weird

I have gotten inured to the fact that Company T is often associated with words like ‘nerd’ or ‘weirdo’. It’s hard to deny the association, having seen countless people with really eccentric behavior. I’m not trying to say that I’m a normal person trapped inside this fucked up place or anything like that. I’m far from normal. In fact, in certain circumstances, I can be psychotic and antisocial or a combination both. But the people in Company T, are of different kind of ‘weird’ (in a much more fucked up way). So, how can one be worse than a combo of psycho/misanthrope like me? That answer – the employees of Company T.

Take an example, an incident that happened inside a Gents (I know this sounds kinky, but stay with me). I was alone, and was using this ordinary looking urinal, when I noticed this old codger standing behind me, quietly. At first I didn’t notice him (I thought I was alone) – just had this feeling that I was being watch and decided to look over my shoulder, and caught this guy there with my peripheral vision. It wouldn’t have been that disturbing if he’s just there jerking off or something like that (he’d just be a gay exhibitionist, nothing to be alarmed of), but he was just standing there – smirking. Like the guy’s at another level of being psychotic, waiting for something to happen, and ready to yank his dick wrinkled dick out anytime. That was when my worry set in – there were about 3 other vacant urinals around, why the fuck would this guy stand behind me giving me this sick smirk? I quickly did the ‘clamp’ (you know, just clamp up the unfinished piss with your dick sphincter and be done with it) and fucking bee-lined to the nearest exit. That was only when I noticed that he was actually waiting to use that PARTICULAR URINAL, which was sort of like, his personal urinal. That guy, must have somehow developed a bond to that fucking urinal – which he’d use everytime he thinks of draining his lizard. So that smirk that he gave me, was actually the same that one swinger would give to another swinger who’s porking his wife in a swinging event – like “Hey buddy, enjoy that ass, it’s awesome!” – It was a smirk of approval, that I can use his fucking urinal.

Tell me, how sick is that in your book of sickness?? And let’s not even mention about the girl who got labelled by me as the ‘cunt who just got out alive in a cosmetic factory explosion’… amongst others.

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