April 1, 2014


I was at a relative’s house watching a TV game show from China called ‘Leh Mah Cheebye’ (alright, I made the name up). I don’t know the title really, but it might be as well as that… because it’s the most fucking bizarre game show I’ve ever seen (I had no choice but watch it because I was staying overnight there with nothing to do, and it’s the only thing on TV).

This ‘Leh Mah Cheebye’ gameshow, is not about one’s maternal cunt at all. It’s about matchmaking. Well, more or fucking less the same thing, I’m not sure. Here’s how it works : Some girls would register themselves as prospective ‘pursuer’ (as in, the party who is pursuing a mate), and some guy would be the party to be pursued (it’s kinda inversed, I know… right?). What happens in the game show, is that a guy (one at a time) would come out onto the stage to be gawked at by them bunch of desperate girls. The girls will get no information about the guy at all except his physical appearance. Interested girls, will press a button (or some shit like that), and the rest will be filtered off. That’s round 1.

Round 2, more information about the guy will be revealed. His hobby for example… One of the guy I saw, had this hobby of ‘shopping for branded items, and keeping himself up to trend’. The video would then cue to show a pre-recorded session of the very same shmuck walking into a shop looking for sneakers with a faked gait like he’s trying his best to impress the whole world… it has got to be the dumbest shit I tell you! And of course, for some weird fucking reasons, some of the girls will be gullible enough to press a button to like him, and that will bring the interested girls to the next round. Some of the rounds, will have the guy’s friends giving testimonies like “He’s a fun going person, and he likes to help old people cross the street” (fakest stuff imaginable) and another round, will show the guy’s pad (tidied up for the show, of course). So the damn thing would go round after round, featuring the guy little by little, all bullshit of course – until the final round (I have no idea which) with a handful (or none) of the girls left, which the guy will then have to make a ‘tough choice’ of selecting the girl he likes most, and both of them will walk off the stage to a happy ending (or a round of try and error sex). If there’s no girl left, the guy will have to fuck off from the stage and commence his jerk off days.

I was thinking, isn’t this like, a hooker game? You know, short of paying a fee to the guy and not having to know him, this is nothing different than selecting a gigolo. Only that this is worse, they’re actually doing it for a real relationship! These desperate ladies or spinsters, who participate in the game show, aren’t they worried about friends or relatives recognizing them and use this as a bad joke for the rest of their lives? What happened to the old school method of having to court your way into the girl’s (in this case, guy’s) heart? Fucking hell. It’s now a fucking game to some people in China. I sure hope that the show isn’t real, perhaps staged like pro-wrestling or something…

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