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August 12, 2013


There is this teenage nephew of mine who hitched my ride back to his hometown for a few times, whenever I send my wife/kid home (same hometown). He is a quiet and very reserved fellow, with a strong BO and snored very loudly in all the journeys. But I had no problem with him, until recently.

I found out that this nephew recently ‘expressed his dissatisfaction’ with the way I drive to his mom, who is my wife’s elder sister. I was allegedly, ‘cursing too much when I drive’, which I assume stressed out that impertinent brat of a nephew of mine. His mom then one day, conveyed her ‘concern’ to my wife when she was having a casual family chat, with a hope that I was going to repent and change, so that her son won’t be so stressed the next time when he hitches a ride home. o__O”

You should know where this is going. I was flipped out when my wife told me about it. Yes indeed, I curse when I drive (but never with profanities, mind you). That’s how I deal with the stress on the road, and it has been like this since I started driving at age 17. But that’s not the whole point. The point is, WHY DOES HE HITCH MY RIDE AGAIN AND AGAIN, IF HE’S SO SORE ABOUT THE WAY I DRIVE?? Just don’t hitch lah! I didn’t force him to ride with me. Like, he could have chosen to take a bus instead, I’m sure he would love the convenience, or the bus driver. I’m sure I could do better without him snoring loudly in my car, and for taking up the space which I could have used for my daughter to nap on (the very reason I bought a bigger car).

You see, I don’t expect him to like my driving. Or me either. I don’t really give a flying fuck about what this loser feels about anything at all because I’m not his driver, and I don’t care. He’s allowed to hitch a ride home in my car because we happen to be related through my conjugal relationship with my wife, and not really by choice. I would send him home safely right to his doorstep because of this accidental relationship (it’s a fucking privilege for him, in my point of view and he just violated it), for unlimited number of times – doesn’t matter – because that’s what a responsible adult would do for a nephew who needs help when studying out of town. And look what this chode did to repay my kindness… He conveniently ranted to his mom about being stressed when hitching a free ride home like a bitch, which ironically, doesn’t seem to be congruent with the fact that he had been sleeping so soundly all the way (albeit apnoetic in nature) like he’d been shot with an elephant grade tranquilizer on every fucking trip I did with him. And the mom? Instead of smacking her kid on the head for being such an ungrateful turd, went around her circle of siblings to make a topic of interesting discussion about MY WAY of driving, and opined that I should stop being myself because she and her kid didn’t like it (well, fuck me). And I shudder to think that all of these bollocks are stemmed from the fact that I was just trying to be nice. How about a little gratitude, by shutting the fuck up and appreciate all the little things made convenient for you, you little fuckstain??

I’m starting to dislike being nice to people. You can best bet that this nephew of mine won’t get a ride from me ever again.

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