July 28, 2013


There’s one acronym that I’ve learned at Company T which I find really meaningful (amongst the heaps of unmeaningful stuff I’ve learned) – it’s called BKM. Now it may sound vulgar to those of you Chinese ed farts who know some Hokkien (Bu Ki Ma), but it isn’t what you think it is. BKM, in Company T, actually stands for ‘Best Known Method’. It is often used to describe tricks or maneuvers – both conventional and unconventional – that are proven effective to get you out of some shitstorm.

“Dude, what’s BKM to override this motherfucking security thing? How did you circumvent last time?”

You get the idea.

Today, I’m about to share a BKM that I’ve learned after a night out with my bunch of single digit IQ drinking buddies, the BODs. Long story cut short (silly antics we did, not to be shared), I ended up having my brand new HTC One dying on me after drinking with them. At first, the phone had this intermittent connection issues and then it went away. The morning after, I discovered that it couldn’t be charged at all, and upon closer examination, I noticed there were water droplets inside the phone’s camera lens – that was when it dawned on me that the phone must have had some water seeped into its circuit and was fucked up because of it. My best bet at that time, was to power the fuck off, get rid of the moisture the best I can, and hope that it would work normal again.

So I did what most panicky doofuses would – I blow dried my phone with a fucking hairdryer. It didn’t work. Well, the water droplets would temporary disappear from under the lens when the phone got hot, but would return promptly when it went back to room temperature. And the charging problem was still there. After cussing my friends through the group discussion in Whatsapp, I cooled my mind and did a search on how to effective rid the phone of water and moisture without having to take it apart. Why? Because this is HTC One, and it has a unibody aluminium construction. It doesn’t have any user removable screws to have it taken apart just like that. It would’ve been easy for me if it can be taken apart, because I could have sun dried the whole damn thing in parts and have all the moisture removed promptly.

The search came up with a list of things that can be done, and there’s this odd BKM that came up quite a number of times – to bury the whole phone into a sack of uncooked rice grains, leave it overnight and all moisture will be gone. I was like, WTF?? half suspecting that it could be an old wives’ tale. But it was easy though, and all I got to do is find out myself. So, I was between choosing this idea and leaving the phone intact under the sun that day – but because it wasn’t very sunny that afternoon, I opted the rice burial solution. I took a ziploc bag, and filled it with as much rice as I could, then buried my phone into it and have it sealed with the lock. To give it a good measure, I dumped the whole thing into my electronic dry cabinet (for my cameras), with the Rh set as low as possible. And left the about-to-turn-paperweight phone in there for 24 hours.

The verdict? It’s not an old wives tale. IT WORKS! RICE BURIAL IS DA SHIT! Not only have the droplets gone, but the phone’s back functioning like it was before. So, to those of you who wanted to get rid of moisture out of your phone without taking it apart, you can actually consider the rice burial BKM (or better still, substitute with desiccant if you have them).

I was thinking, what would happen if we were to tie a small bag of rice around a dog’s nose – would the dog go drinking water like crazy the whole day because of the loss of moisture? *terrible idea looming…*

Burning House

Who would have thought this bag of rice would save my phone from getting bricked?

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