July 3, 2013

1 decade

My blog has existed for 10 years today. 10 years ago,
– Mahathir was still the PM. Dubya was the US President, first term.
– Vampires sucked blood, not dicks.
– Hokkien Mee in Penang was on average less than 3 bucks.
– Dumb phones were still the smarter choice.
– We didn’t have so many annoying tourists taking pictures of walls around Georgetown.
– People did not take pictures of their food before they eat.
– Camwhore wasn’t an epidemic.
– Pluto was still a planet.
– If you’re young when you started reading this blog, now you’re old…

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11 Comments to “1 decade”

  1. reader says:

    ^ __ ^…. so true !!! Keep up the good work, Mike !!

  2. luna says:

    Yes back then I was 17! Still here~

  3. william wilstroth says:

    oh man… now i feel so old… i started reading your blog when i was 25… now i am 33…

  4. infinitium says:

    .. and many readers here were still innocent young virgins yet to be deflowered

  5. wj says:

    i was 19 now 28… DAMN

  6. Han says:

    10 years ago…
    Poking the phones with stylus was the hip thing. Now we just use our fingers.
    100 ringgit can buy more things than 100 ringgit today.

    Some things didn’t change:
    Cars still have 4 wheels. Remember anyone envisioned flying cars by then?
    We still live in man-made caves (houses)
    We still wear clothes not jumpsuits and space age helmets (like Tron)

    Some things got better (Materialistic):
    The internet line got better..
    Phones got better
    PC hardware and software got better..
    Ladies looked pettier (with more beauty conscious salons)
    Cars looked prettier..

    Some things got worse:
    Traffic Jams
    People congestion
    Inter-personal communication… (sit at dinner table everyone staring at their own mobile phones)

  7. ck says:

    Man… I was 19 when I first came here, 26 now.. Time flies, huh

  8. michaelooi says:

    I was 25 when I started this blog…

  9. Lalazai says:

    Well, I am not sure what kind of greeting is suitable for the occasion of 10th anniversary for your blog. But I surely am nostalgic and reminiscent at the same time. I have been reading this blog for a really long time – ever since I was doing my A levels in KL. And now I have been in the workforce for about 4 years. Yet, this is my first time ever commenting on your blog, heck its the first time I have commented on any blog. So I thought that the 10th anniversary if anything would be a good time to finally say something. It was during the hey day of blogging with people like Dr Liew and Kenny Sia that I encountered upon your blog. And your writing style and sharing of life stories (though it has evolved and matured drastically in the past decade) has kept me captivated all this while. Today, yours is the only blog I read.

    This blog has accompanied me as I studied and worked around the world across Europe and the Americas and Asia and finally when I return to Msia recently. During this time, your stories of culture, work, family, the birth of your daughter, your childhood, random rantings has kept me entertained and inspired. The rants about “cauliflower heads” is particularly amusing. Time and time again, I find myself absent mindedly just typing michaelooi.net into my browser, sometimes daily, sometimes at intervals of a few months just to see the familiar black background and hoping that you have new entries.

    Being almost 10 years younger than you, sometimes I use your blog to reflect upon my own life, its ups and its downs. Via this blog, through your writing, I have witnessed (although I dont claim to even know a fraction of you) the life of one man who embarked on a career and a family. A particularly noteworthy event was when your daughter was born. The first thought was Wow, time flies, and all of a sudden, the foul mouthed bat crazy guy is a father. It really made me sit up to think that someday in the very near future if life takes its course, I will likely be in the same situation as you. But at that time, there I was sitting in my uni dormitory alone, wondering what will it take me, what do I have to do and what kind of experience would I have before I am ready to have a family and children.

    Anyway, congratulations on your 10th anniversary, I wish you all the best for to you and your family. And of course keep up the writing! Cheers

  10. michaelooi says:

    Lalazai – I don’t know what to say but, thanks.

  11. Kit says:

    Please keep writing – you are so entertaining! Happy 10th anniversary.

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