June 26, 2013

another one bites the dust

Have you read the paper today? One of the DUN’s (state assemblyman) croaked recently. Here’s the news piece:

KUALA TERENGGANU: Kuala Besut assemblyman Dr A. Rahman Mokhtar (pix) passed away at the Sultanah Nur Zahirah hospital due to breathing difficulties.

The second term assemblyman from Umno passed away at 10.18am and will be buried at Masjid Teluk Bayu cemetery in Kuala Besut later today.

Dr A. Rahman, 55, was appointed to a second term as the health, women’s development, family and community exco chairman after the general election.

He was admitted to the hospital last week and warded in the intensive care unit (ICU) after complaining of chest pains.

Dr A Rahman was a senior member of the state Barisan Nasional and one of only four who were retained in the state exco lineup.

He defended the Kuala Besut state seat by beating PAS’ Napisah Ismail by 2,434 votes in the May general election.

Well, condolences to his family, dependants and supporters.

Now that the formality and show of sympathy is over, I can’t help but wonder, isn’t it time for Malaysia to set a pre-requisite for people who wants to run for a state/parliament seat – like, they have to be healthy enough to hold a strenuous position like this for the next five years? A medical checkup is all it takes. Any fucker who wants to run for a state/parliament seat, has to pass the medical checkup. Every-fucking-one goes through the same shit when we’re vying for a job. Why shouldn’t they?

The reason for that requirement is simple – it’s all about cost, efficiency and protecting interests. Take this guy for example. He had lung cancer. Why the fuck would anyone let him compete in an election then? Not to sound insensitive to his death, but with an incurable disease, shouldn’t he be worried about his own health and spend more time with his family instead? But no. He was allowed to run for the state seat, knowing full well that he’s not going to pull through that 5 year period. Even if he had pulled through longer, it would be a waste because Dr A. Rahman here would be too busy going through sessions after sessions of therapies for his cancer, and he’d most definitely not fit enough to worry about all the shit going on in his constituency. If you do not get what this means, it simply means we’re selecting an ill horse to run a race that he can’t win. Thus, to protect the interest of the people and country, that horse has to be certified first. It’s a no brainer common sense thing.

But are we doing that? I don’t think so. Now we have to go through another costly process of holding a by-election to select another horse, because our chosen horse has bitten the dust.

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