June 18, 2013


One of the wackiest thing about my daughter’s school is, it has no dustbin or trashcan in its premise. Yes, believe it. No dustbin or trashcan.

The day that I attended the orientation at my daughter’s school, the old hag principal proudly exclaimed the fact that the school is an ‘eco-friendly’ school, and it produces no trash, as it does not have any dustbin or trashcan in its premise. Any trash generated by the students, will have to be brought home by themselves. That has got to be the dumbest shit I’ve heard in my entire life.

That’s like saying, in order to get zero food poisoning in an eatery, the premise would stop serving food altogether (just eat at home). I was so tempted to yell at that hag : “It’s not that you do not produce any trash! You’re merely transferring them out through proxy!” And eco friendly my ass. Instead of say, using a reasonably large communal trash plastic bag, you’re asking each student to bring the trash home with a smaller plastic bag, which I’m sure if you were to piece all of them collectively flat together, the surface area would be a few folds bigger than what it would take to have dustbins or trashcans – making the whole thing worse.

What happened to teaching our kids to be more civic minded? Why can’t they just have proper place to dispose the trash and teach our kids how to utilize them? Just imagine the effort it will require to teach them things as simple as disposing trash considerately, without real trashcans… “Girls, you need to discard your stuff in a trashcan. It’s not here, but you can imagine one”. I bet they’re going to imagine disposing their trash in the toilet bowl instead, especially those blood soaked sanitary pads. Good luck in getting those out, Einstein.

Fucking bollocks these people, I tell you.

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