February 26, 2013

do not judge a book by its cover

When I first saw my boss’ boss – let’s call him Vlad for conveniences’ sake – I thought he looked all too familiar to me. He is bald, dressed very informally, and is emaciated. Seriously, had he not been introduced to me as the boss’ boss, I would have mistaken him as the parking attendant or something. If he is trying to not look like a boss, he’s definitely doing it at the Oscar level well.

Anyway, that was six months ago when I first joined Company T. The feeling of him looking awfully familiar eventually faded away… until the other day during our regular meeting, when my wilting memory suddenly hit me like a freight train, on where I might had seen Vlad before. It was in the school magazine, many years ago! I didn’t know him, this Vlad, but I recalled him being one of the top scorers in the A levels back when I was in my primary years, and his picture was plastered in a page, dedicated to high performing scorers basking in fame. I wasn’t sure at first but, I confirmed it after excavating for the said old school magazine and found the page I was looking for. It was Vlad in his old glory days, the same person I saw years ago on the school magazine.

Now, there were hundreds of such individuals (top scorers) in the stack of school magazines I own, one would probably ask – what makes it so compelling to remember his face, even after all these years? (for the record, I don’t remember anyone else other than Vlad) Well, it was for the same reason – the doubt I had when I first see him. The picture of Vlad being a top scorer was as unbelievable as when I first learned he’s the boss at Company T. I was like “What? This guy? Top scorer? He looks like a burglar!”. For real. Who would have thought, after 20 over years, I’d meet this guy in the most unexpected way, and to have the same deja vu feeling of “What? This guy?”. Shit can get pretty weird sometimes.

And as I found out, he turned out to be a great guy.

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