February 18, 2013

school nowadays – schoolbags

The next great big change I noticed about school nowadays, has to be the schoolbag. 9 out of 10 schoolbags that I saw at Regine’s school, have wheels on them. You know, just like those luggage bags you see people lugging along on a vacation. It appears that the shit kids have to carry to school nowadays are so fucking heavy, that they won’t be able to lug it without the wheels. I’ve seen a couple of scrawny Indian kids who defied the fad by being conventional, they carried their bags with shoulder straps. Let’s just say, I foresee that they won’t grow very tall.

That prompted me to wonder, why do kids have to carry so many books to school nowadays? It was fucking mind boggling. Shouldn’t the school be teaching them how to be efficient instead? The energy exerted by them kids lugging the damn bags could have been used to grow a little more intelligence in them, but instead, we’re churning out mindless fucks that only know how to complain about life. Just look at the suicide rate nowadays. It’s sad, really. And all this could have stemmed from the need to carry a fucking heavy schoolbag.

Like most parents, I decided to get my Regine a trolley bag too. Costed me a hundred over bucks. Was it worth the money? Fuck no. But then I had no other choice.

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