February 14, 2013

loser in the making

Check this piece of news out…

‘Teacher caned and sent my daughter out of class’
BUTTERWORTH: A father claimed his daughter suffered emotional distress after she was allegedly caned and sent out of class by a female teacher for failing to complete her homework.

Syahrul Asmawi Rashid, 35, said his daughter, Year Six pupil Nur Emilia, 12, had since refused to return to school because the teacher had allegedly also told her to fill up a transfer form and move to another school.

“The teacher contacted me at 9.30am on Friday to say my daughter had returned home for failing to finish her homework,” he said, adding that Emilia did not come home although their house was less than 100m away from the school.

“I later found her crying in the village. She didn’t tell me what had happened until her friend, who dropped by, related the incident to me,” Syahrul Asmawi, a self-employed, said here yesterday.

He lodged a police report on Tuesday.

Penang education director Tarmizi Kamaruddin said he had ordered the school head to investigate the allegation.

“Maybe, the teacher was overcome by emotion. However, it is against teaching principles to send pupils out of class for they have the right to remain in class to learn,” he added. — Bernama

So, instead of reprimanding that little turd for being an ultra emo queen and for not coming home after school (shouldn’t that be classified as ‘run away’?), the father lodged a police report that the teacher ‘caned her daughter for refusing to do her homework’?

Right… in the working world, that should be the equivalent of refusing to do my job when my boss asked me to… and when he gets upset, I lodge a police report against that fucker, all the while with the expectation that I still get paid in the process.

Man, this is so wrong on so many levels…

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