January 17, 2013

weird parents at school

You wouldn’t believe how many weird parents I have seen at my daughter’s school. I mean, we know people like them exist, but to know that these people actually have progenies – that fucking baffles the mind.

One of them would be this old hag who must be in her 60’s. The first time I saw her, I almost had a stroke, even though my vitals are ok. She had this dyed shit brown hair, and permed to look like pencil shavings from a mechanical sharpener (it was surreal). Then she had this sheer white dress on, with light blue undergarments which everyone could see clearly. The dress was very short, revealing a pair of legs that looked like they had contusions on them, and looked damn fucking odd without toe tags on. And platform shoes that looked like they would trigger a foot cramp anytime. Finally, her face. She had thick make up on, and she looked like Gorn creature in Star Trek (only that Gorn actually dressed more decently). *flat lines*

The shock factor could be likened as how you would imagine Moses parting the red sea. Only the sea that she parted was the sea of people. A couple of mamaks were seen snickering behind her back, and some were at the verge of gagging.

I can only imagine how difficult this is for her kid. Her classmates are definitely going to say something mean, and the humiliation she’s going to go through will be traumatic. “Oh look at her zombie prostitute mom!”. Well, maybe she’s a great parent, I don’t know. But what the fuck do I care… in my opinion, she could have done a lot more for her kid by simply dressing more decently when showing up at school. Not like a skank all the way up. Weird parents. Fucking hell.

(speaking of her age, if she’s in her mid 60’s, that standard 1 kid that she was picking up couldn’t have been her child. If it’s her child, that would have meant that her menopause was running like, seriously fucking late, nevermind the odds of her finding a mate. So, my best guess is, that child must be her grandkid, which makes this even more shocking…)

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