January 14, 2013

something that ought to get invented already

You know, one of the things that ought to get invented already, is a kid safe discreet tranquillizer. It is what the name says – a tranquillizer, that is safe for kids.

I do not know what’s wrong with the society, but I’ve been seeing a lot of wacky kids around these days that needed serious tranquillizing. You know, screaming, trashing and going crazy around like they’ve been possessed by a poltergeist. Back in my days, this would have been dealt with a hard back hand spank and that would definitely remedy the problem right away. But parents nowadays are too chicken shit to do that, fearing that their kids might turn into a psycho when they grow up or something (which is ironic, can’t they see that their kid is ALREADY BEHAVING LIKE THAT??). And speaking of screaming, all of the crazy kids seem to have this gift of making the most annoying high pitch scream that annoys me to the bone every fucking time.

So, I was thinking, why not a tranquillizer? They do this to animals, and mental patients in institutions when situations get out of hand. Why can’t they use the same method to control the kids? We can make it a kid-safe one. Like, fortified with vitamins and shit. A ranged non-piercing discreet kind of dart that attaches to the skin and administer a chemical that would immediately calm the tyrant the fuck down. The guy would sit down, all relaxed and would exhibit short term compliance to any instructions like “Finish your fucking rice now” or “Go clean up the kitty litter”. We can be more creative, and make the tranquillizer cross compatible too – like instead of administrating through the said weapon, the chemical ammo can be dropped into the little turd’s drink like Eno or Alka Seltzer.

The shit’s definitely gonna sell.

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