January 11, 2013


As you all have learnt, my 6.5 year old daughter started her primary one last week. Second week in her school, she already started a computer class there. Being an engineer specializing in this field, I was curious, on what have they been teaching my daughter…

“So, Regine, what did they teach you in the computer class today?”

“How to off the computer. And write my name with it.”

“Off the computer? You mean the start then shutdown button in Windows? Don’t you already knew how to do this?”


“What else did they teach you?”

“Unix system”

I was startled for a while. I was like – they are teaching Unix in primary school?? Wow. I’m impressed already! Seeing that I was totally in OMFG mode, she prodded further…

“So daddy, do we have a Unix system?”

“Ermm, we don’t. We use Windows. But I do use some Linux in my workplace, which is kind of similar to Unix and…”

Before I could finish further, she interrupted “Noooo, not Unix. It’s UNIT SISTEM”.

Well, it appears that she was referring to the term, ‘Unit system’ – which is another lame ass description in BeeEm referring to a desktop unit of a personal computer – which I mistakenly heard as ‘Unix system’. Makahai. I might need to get my ears checked.

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