August 8, 2012


Company T, a big, fast paced MNC. In an effort to make itself stay relevant in the ever revolving world, Company T has hired shitloads of young and aspiring engineers to be its mainframe of the whole strategy. That’s why there are a lot of these (proportionally huge) so called ‘Gen Z’ young engineers around in Company T.

I have worked with some of them young people before (the previous ‘Gen Y), in my previous companies. I have written a lot about them. Not impressed. Usually dimwitted, not very bright, and some, worthless. I initially thought it was just my poor luck, you know, for meeting some lemon farts whose competencies are way out of the normal distribution curve. I thought the ‘Gen Z’ in Company T will somewhat be different, as the reputation goes with it that they only hire the smartest of the lot…

But sadly, I found out today, that this has become an epidemic. It has spread cross generation. ‘Gen Z’ is fucked. In an open feedback session to the management today, I heard some of the most disturbing shit some of these ‘Gen Z’ had to ask – and that really set the alarm off in me, which prompted me to think – “WHAT THE FUCK’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THIS WORLD WITH THESE FUCKING SHIT IN LINE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD??”. I was sitting in the room, totally dumbfucked, wondering if I had been drugged or something.

Let me quote an example.

One of the young turds, whose acnes are still active on his face, voiced out his dissatisfaction in a concerned tone (note: composite character) – why do experienced new hire engineers have a higher salary than them rookie engineers? (then another guy concurred, and jokingly said that even if an experienced engineer gets a bad review, their salary would still be higher). Can you believe that? This is as ridiculous as a 6 year old questioning his own father for having enough money to buy a car.

As an experienced new hire myself, I was of course, pissed off when I heard these bunch of milksods who have been to nowhere but the Company T bubble, who conceitedly think that they’re so smart, that they have the rights to question the order of logic. I was so tempted to retort the bunch of shitfucks, that experienced engineers earn more than him because – DUH – they have been in the business for more years, and they know more shits than his noob ass! (ergo, higher rank, higher pay). I can’t fathom why can’t a person who is expected to be smart enough to carry out an engineering job not being able to figure this out. Fucking dumbass ought to be made into a practice cadaver for medical science to redeem his worth back.

And that is just one of them. One even voiced a concern of having his direct manager reviewing his performance. I guess that idiot wanted all his cronies and relatives to take part as well. Anyway, I do not want to divulge further. It just fucking breaks my heart. Let’s just hope that the next ‘gen’ (whatever it will be called) will be better, and the world isn’t wrecked too bad for them to fix it up. (but from the way I look at it, tough luck)

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