May 9, 2012

no shit

Caught this in the news today…

Survey: 60.4% men unmarried
KUALA LUMPUR: About 2.5 million Malaysians, aged 25 and above are unmarried. And there are more single men than women.

They include those who are divorced and widowed, according to the Population and Housing Census in 2010.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Heng Sai Kee told the Dewan Negara yesterday that among the unmarried Malaysians, 60.4% were men and 39.6% women.

She said the average age of men marrying for the first time dropped to 28 in 2010, compared to 28.6 in 2000.

“Women marry at the average age of 25.7 compared to 25.1 in 2000,” she said, replying to Senator Datuk Boon Som Inong, who asked for the number of unmarried men and women in Malaysia and the reason for it.

Heng said the fourth Malaysian Population and Family Survey conducted by the National Population and Family Development Board showed 32.1% of respondents had never tied the knot.

Of this number, 55.6% were men and 44.4% women.

“According to 44.7% of the male respondents, they didn’t marry due to financial problems.

“Others cited that there were no suitable candidates (19.3%), career (12.8%), family commitment (6.3%) and other reasons.

“Forty per cent of women said they did not marry as they have not found eligible suitors.

“Some mentioned financial problems (14%), career (8.4%), comfort in being single (8.4%), family commitment (7.4%) and other reasons,” added Heng.

She said the ministry has no plans to set up a matchmaking agency or an online matchmaking service, adding that this was already being done by private companies, non-governmental organisations, religious bodies and some political parties. – Bernama

Do you want to know why are there so many single guys in Malaysia? 3 main reasons:

1) Polygamy. Illegal for non-Muslims, but legal for our lucky Muslim friends (up to 4 wives allowed – if certain conditions are met). Because Muslim is the biggest majority in Malaysia, technically speaking, we would need more than 1:1 of women to men ratio to break that shit even. It’s just mathematics from there on… and you’d have figured out that there just isn’t enough women to get married to every man in this country. (I personally know a few such lucky fuckers, who have more than 1 wife)

2) Homosexuality. The statistics mentioned only men and women. But we all know that big bucket of mess up pretty much consists of some homos and lesbos, who’d prefer to pound on each other’s backside or do it with strap-ons. That accounts for a big percentage of them (I personally know a few of such individuals too…), which skews the statistics greatly. (filter them out, you’d get a slightly better odds)

3) Technology. We have 4G and shit now. Kids have easy access to porn more than the access to the public library nowadays. Suddenly, the opposite sex doesn’t seem all that mysterious to them anymore, and a percentage of them probably lost the will to socialize and stick to fapping at home.

…so, it’s pretty normal…

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