March 26, 2012


My workplace has shitloads of Indons, if you can’t already tell by now, given the number of posts I have written about them throughout the year. If one had to ask why, I’d say this has to be part of Company Y’s ‘high level strategy’ on cost saving, because it is so fucking cheap like that.

Anyway, there is this Indon girl who works under the program I’m in. I couldn’t really remember her name well, because when it comes to names, I only allow 8 bit of memory to keep them. Any name that goes beyond 3 syllables, will likely be forgotten by my good self. This particular Indon girl, has a 5 syllable name (or something like that), and covers all the available vowels. That’s why I do not bother, and instead called her ‘Hitam mia…’ (Malay for ‘The dark one’). That of course, was derived from her unusually dark complexion. Hell, she’s darker than one of my ex-classmates who went by the name Darshan Singh, whom I last saw about a decade ago, at an illegal parking lot waving cars.

So, I’d go around referring her as ‘Hitam mia…’. “You ada bagi training sama itu hitam mia?”. “Itu hitam mia kerja malam?” You get the idea. And she’s perfectly fine about that, or so I thought.

A couple days ago, I was attending some issues at the line, when this ‘hitam mia’ appeared out of nowhere sporting this uneven wear of what resembled a thin layer of undercoat water based paint on her face. It was white and it was shockingly hideous. I had to ask…

“Eh, you mia muka apa pasal aa? You taruk bedak aa?”

She coyly looked away, and a colleague of hers overheard me asking that and remarked – indeed this ‘hitam mia’ wore some foundation powder on her face. That colleague also added on, that it was because I had been calling her ‘hitam mia’…

“Oh, so you pakai bedak sekarang, you tarak hitam lagi lar, is it?”

‘The dark one’ then looked at me, about to get furious.

“Kalau tak mau hitam, you kena sapu bedak kat leher, telinga, tangan, kaki juga. Sekarang muka you putih, yang lain semua hitam, lagi teruk lar!”

And then I went on ridiculing her for the next 15 minutes, which totally ruined her day. I guess that would be the last time she ever wear bedak on her face…

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