March 11, 2012

gold rush

I was with a bunch of relatives the other day, in this town I’d never been before, to have lunch. One of the guys knew a place which he claimed to be ‘one of the best’ seafood joint he had been, and we traveled all the way there to verify his claim. But when I stepped into the joint, the first thing that caught my eye was a notice board adorned with pictures of someone who looked very familiar. It was Jason Yeoh, alias ‘Axian’ (roughly translates to ‘The Salty One’).

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” – that was my reaction.

If you do not know who is Axian, nevermind. I didn’t know him too, until this guy automatically inflated the price of one of my favorite stalls in Penang by just visiting it. That was when I had to ask, “Just who the fuck is this Axian guy??” Well, he’s actually some sort of host for a TV program in Astro (or something like that). When he visits a stall, shit would literally turn to gold, and people would just flock there like there’s a gold rush. Because of the sudden influx of demand, the price of food at the ‘blessed by Axian’ stall/joint will inflate steeply. It has happened to a few places in Penang before. 2 of them were joints which I frequented.

This my friend, is what I call “spoil the market”. Greed is the nature of men. When a man gets free publicity and praise, he gets cocky, raises his price and loses his guard. Of what is good will soon turn bad because the man thinks he’s at the top of his game and he’s invincible. And when the man reaches the top (or so he thinks), the only direction to go from there is down. A man needs a carrot to dangle in front of him to keep going, giving him the carrot will render him static. The carrot will ruin his shit, because he has stopped running.

That’s why when I see Axian’s face plastered on a wall of a joint somewhere, I’d avoid it like a plague, for I know… it’s going to be expensive there and the food is going start suck from then on.

(about the seafood in the strange town, it wasn’t really that good. It was only mediocre at best. That goes on to show that this Axian fever is grossly overhyped and you people should fucking get a life).

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