February 3, 2012

get your shit together, people

I don’t understand why people are getting so riled up over the recent ‘white envelope’ debacle lately by Ibrahim Katak. As detestable as he can be, I personally do not think Ibrahim Katak meant to insult the Chinese people by giving away money in white envelopes like that. He could have done it by yelling at us absent-mindedly like he always did. 

“Balik China lah you orang!”

I think it was an unintentional mistake. He fucked up big time yes, but not because he wanted to give away ‘pak kum’ (funeral donation) during Chinese New Year, but because he didn’t prepare enough red envelopes, as simple as that. Some losers however, after getting the money, started to nit pick the fella… and began this lame shit smearing campaign to paint this fucker (and whoever that stands in his boat) a real bad light. I mean, come on, there has got to be a better way to do that, right? 

That, really gets me. First of all, ‘pak kum’ isn’t really given in a white envelope. It is commonly given away in cash. In fact, donating ‘pak kum’ is a form of charity (it ensures the grieving people we know could afford a proper burial for their loved ones) and is not a bad thing at all. So to say, there isn’t really a taboo about giving away money in white envelopes. The Chinese people get white envelopes all the time. News about promotion, our EA forms, payslips, vouchers, coupons, etc – they all come in white envelopes. They stirred no shit when they get those white envelopes. But when Ibrahim Katak gives away white envelopes in place of a red one, suddenly it becomes ‘pak kum’… Like, what the fuck?? Then don’t take the white envelope lah! (But they took the ‘pak kum’ still, which is quite ironic… and some of them looked quite elated in the press pictures…)

The same goes with the Gardenia vs. Massimo bread boycott. Some email alleged that we should not eat Gardenia because it belonged to an UMNO guy. And people started to talk about boycotting the brand. That has got to be the dumbest shit ever. I was wondering, do they even think, if the owner could just be a regular business man, who happens to support UMNO? (rather than an UMNO guy operating a bread business?) He could support a school of fish for all I care, and that should not affect my decision to buy his brand of bread. If a person’s creed and background matters to me when I buy something, it would mean that I support racism and being a fucking dumbass at the same time. I buy the bread because I like it. It’s as simple as that. Ibrahim Katak gives away angpow in a wrong color, it’s as simple as that too. See the connection? 

If you don’t, then nevermind.

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