December 28, 2011

2011 roll up

I said something about big changes in 2011, back in 2010. It was as if I had the ability to foretell something bad like some animals before a catastrophic event because, indeed, a lot of crazy shit have happened in 2011, which totally changed my life.

The shittiest of them all, was the passing of my mom. My mom died a tragic death. She had depression (for reasons unknown to us), and it culminated when she had a serious misunderstanding with her own siblings, and decided to end her own life. The day she died, I was questioned by relatives at home and policemen at the forensic department – what the fuck had I done? It was like, I had committed a crime against my own mother, despite being in shock and sad like shit. (they eventually found out the truth, and the matter was put to rest, along with my mother’s remains).

My mom’s actions nevertheless, seemed to have created a big impact in everyone’s life. She used to be the center of attention in her family, and now what she’s gone, it will never the same without her. The same goes for my daughter, Regine. Who used to have a grandma feeding her dinner and night talk before sleep, she could never understand why her grandmother had to suddenly leave like that. I tried to water down the bitter episode of the family by going for a vacation, hence the trip to Korea, to speed up the moving on. We’re coping up fine now.

All the personal issues aside, I had also been extremely busy with the job at Company Y – which came to be an all rounder, lack of budget, full of rustic people kind of job. I learned a lot through the process, but it also made me glad that I survived the day without being castigated for not doing something I wasn’t supposed to do. I have to start early (because of the traffic), and end late (because of the load). No backup, and no solid plan for a career growth. It’s like pulling weeds in the field. Weeds never stop growing and assholes never stop barking for not pulling enough weeds. I don’t think I could last long in this kind of environment.

I hope 2012 will be a better year.

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10 Comments to “2011 roll up”

  1. suanie says:

    sorry to hear about your mother. here’s to better things in 2012.

  2. SK says:

    sorry to hear abt your mother.. may she rest in peace.
    Well, I’ve been reading your writing all this while and I’ve learned a lot.. thank you. In Hokkien, all these… “kau lan ho liao”. Cheers mate!

  3. Skybubblegen says:

    Sorry for your loss, no worries, I’m sure things will definitely be much better soon. Else hey, it’s 2012..if “it” happens, we’re in it together!

  4. Feizal says:

    Hope your have a good 2012. Cheers brudda

  5. sweewon says:

    Here’s to a better 2012! :)

  6. Xiao_zhai says:

    Happy new year, Michael. 2012 will be better :)

  7. ah seng says:

    Happy new year bro… and take it easy

  8. jusoh says:

    may your mother rest in peace, my friend.

    i’m kinda miss to read a story about your mom…

  9. JS says:

    U r an angry man

  10. blusher says:

    Hey Micheal, sorry to hear the news about your mom. It’s really been a long time since I read your blog but I’m glad that you and family are moving on in life. And man, Regine has certainly grown up with a witty mind of her own :) Wicked! Anyways, I’m sure all of us look forward for a better year this year. Hear the dragon’s roar!!!! :) Take care dude :)

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