November 29, 2011

community dinner

A colleague went about the lunch table inviting everyone to his neighborhood’s community dinner or something. With his neighbors, whom he has known for probably tens of years. That was when I convey my admiration to him, that it is something that I could never achieve… for I – if you can’t already tell – am not a very sociable person.

Hell, I don’t even know any of my neighbor’s name. When there’s a need to refer them as a character essential for a conversation (with my wife), I’d just conveniently refer them as ‘the guy with a brown dog’… ‘the blimp couple who shed weight’… ‘the guy who works in [company name]’… ‘the Indian neighbor with fat kids’.. you get the idea. I’m just not the kind of person who would go around posing like I’m super friendly like that. Most of the time, when I see any neighbor near the elevator, I’d just go pretending to fumble for something in my car until he/she’s gone, and I’d get the elevator all by myself.

But lately, I think I made some progress. I could remember a couple of the kids’ names because some of them have been playing with my daughter Regine. I used to refer them as ‘that annoying kid who speaks with a lisp’… or simply ‘that little turd with long hair’. Now I remember their names. With names, I can refer to their parents as ‘[kid’s name] mother’… instead of something like ‘that fat bitch with cellulite’. I think I might on to something here. Maybe I’d remember some of my neighbors’ names in a decade or two… and invite everyone for a community dinner or something.

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  1. Zizi says:

    God damn… I have the same problem man, been studying with the same people for close to four years now and I can’t remember three-quarters of their names. Ah well, the perks of being an antisocial.

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