October 31, 2011

don’t talk to me at the urinal

There is always a thing that one shouldn’t do in places. Things that causes discomfort or even considered a taboo. Eg. holding a sharp object during an intercourse, or perhaps whipping out your dick in a kindergarten. You get the idea.

In a male lavatory, it has to be talking to the person next to your urinal. Some assholes are like that, you know. They don’t talk much when you see them in a corridor or any other places. But if it’s at the urinal, he strikes a conversation. It’s just so gay.

I don’t know about you people, but for me, relieving myself at the urinal is like taking a really short but deep break from a hectic day at the office. In that fraction of time, my mind would shut off into absolute nothingness (I’d close my eyes when that happens), or just delves itself in fantasies – like what would I wish for if I get a wish… or where would I hit my manager if given a free pass to do that. It’s totally random what my mind does, but it’s deep. It’s so goddamn motherfucking deep, that it would somewhat make the remnants of my day less intolerable.

And then somebody has to talk to you at the urinal. About work. That has nothing to do with you. Fucking hell.

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2 Comments to “don’t talk to me at the urinal”

  1. ShaolinTiger says:

    Engaging a fellow dude in conversation whilst your hand is in contact with your pork sword is just inherently wrong.

  2. jeff lee says:

    it’s still a whole lot better than him peeking at your pee wee while you are easing yourself..hahaha that would be absolutely frightening.. :OP

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