October 16, 2011


A Malay operator, who had been missing for weeks, came back to work the other day with spotty scars all over her face. Following conversation ensued:

*Note: The following conversation requires understanding of the Malay language. If you don’t, well, go read other blogs.

Me: “You ni kena chicken pox?”

Operator: “Ya, dah tak datang 2 minggu”

Me: “Saya dengar, orang dewasa kalau kena chicken pox tu, teruk. Betul ke?”

Operator: “Teruk jugak. Tengok bintik-bintik ni.” [shows scars on her face]

Me: “Gatal macam gila ke?”

Operator: “Tak lah. Tak gatal.”

Me: “Hmmm pelik. Mungkin you dah memang gatal, pasal tu lah, masa kena chicken pox, you tak rasa apa-apa. Depa cancel out each other.”

Operator: [nganga]

Me: [laughs loudly at her face]

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4 Comments to “gatal”

  1. Primrose says:

    LOL! Too farney. She wasn’t offended meh?

  2. michaelooi says:

    Naaaah, she’s cool.

  3. bazlan69 says:

    gatal kat mana? wakakaka

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